F1 accident…

Got this from a friend, pretty funny…

F1 accident…


and I guess most of my friends know I dun~ really like cats… so, here’s 1 of the reason, they’ve got no idea about water conservation… really….

[youtube NIVsZRPx_Dw]

12 thoughts on “F1 accident…”

  1. Hi dasmond!

    以前I dun like cats.
    now i find cats ok.
    whenever people asked me you prefer cats or dogs more.
    my answer:dogs.

    haha for F1 key.
    the cat video cute.
    dun blame the cat ignorant of water conservation .
    cat innocent. can’t you see the cat’s blur look.
    the cat might dislike the water still inside the bowl that y keep on flushing.

  2. Haha… F1 accident! After watching that video, i guess the cat is simply curious of what the flush is about… another reason that ppl dun like cats is becos of the scary eyes.. Yup, I also prefer dogs to cats… =)

  3. I think I will stop the cat from flushing so many times even it’s cute and clever to know how to flush the toilet. But I think like humans, animals are clever to understand a lot of things too. So they must be taught also that water should nt be wasted in this way too. Maybe I’m naive but I think animals shld learn too.

  4. hey, i was wondering wedther all the guy call desmond dun like cats in this world, because i myself also don;t like cats and.. i call desmond too. haha althought not the same spelling as u lah haha


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