When a helping hand means so much…


Have you ever wonder, when you needed help, who will be there lending the helping hand?

Will there be someone who will be willing to sacrifice the time that belong to them, to help get you out of some mess?

Naturally, we would expect someone close to us to do that. And in times when they failed us, does it mean that we expected too much? Or it merely spells out the fact that the someone we thought we are close to, doesn’t feel as ‘close’ to us?

Re-evaluation needed?

Time out.

Thought of the day:

If you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. . . Counting on yourself might be a better bet.

11 thoughts on “When a helping hand means so much…”

  1. But standing alone is tough too. everyone need that “someone” help.
    when you need help, someone came and help that the “someone” you are
    looking for, you can depend on he or she. Alone might be better, but with “someone”
    thing will be easy!! XD

  2. im interested to know if u will let ur fren know abt it, after u evaluate and all. Perhaps he may hav some reasons which we may hav overlook too?

    ( How you know it must be a he? and not she? Emm… dun think so ( as to letting them know… ha – from 22 )

  3. Did you know that at an average 5 people in this world love you in any other way? And that at least 5 people think about you before they go to bed. And i am one of those 5. But today, i’m telling you, that me, your brother will do anything to make sure you are happy. And give you less trouble to think of of course. So if you ever feel that the world has turned it’s back against you. Turn back, and look again. Because i haven’t. Goodnights Big Bro, I love you.

  4. Yeah,, i also prefer relying on myself. Then if anything happens, i only need to blame myself, dont need to blame others, make enemies.. blablabla

  5. it’s only a generic he… sometimes I really wish I can see hw my friends think, but that’s what makes life interestin we can onli guess

  6. hi dasmond..i’m yvonne!wonder u still remember my existence…?saw u at viet lang restaurant during e shooting..u’re e one who apologised to me when someone broke e plates..

    ( haha… ya ya… 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. i agree it does feel frustrating when ppl esp close ones dont live up to expectations.. cause it’s probably those who mean the most that hurts the most cause they mean too much 🙂 but at the end of the day, no one’s perfect.. maybe sometimes it helps recalling the nice things the person has done before? like giving them the benefit of doubt.. 🙂

    it’s tiring to count on yourself all the time.. some things can be solved on our own, but for most other things, it’s always nice to have another someone to listen, or just stand by you to tide through the difficult period 🙂 two heads are always better than one 🙂

    no matter what, i’m sure that someone didnt mean harm 🙂 cheer cheer 🙂

  8. well. i stil think that when we need help, we rather solve on our own that asking help from others, u noe, not everyone in this world is so KIND !
    somebody is like:” u help me! thks!” BUT when we need help from them : “ohh u need me to help u .@$%#$? erm… cannot leh i m sry cos hor..@#$@$” u c… this world is like that ! sigh~ but well this is life.. no choice.. anw, hope u alright ok!? wahaah! can’t wait to see the tele-tv! whoo…

    Desmond Ang

  9. No…. since fridae the 12th this month, vannie – me! understood that only we can rely only on ourselves. Vannie truly sincerely agreed with this from das’s post.. “If you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. . . Counting on yourself might be a better bet”

  10. Well, i think that to be independent and rely on oneself is good but definately if someone that is willing to help you, it is considered as a bonus. But do not depend on others so much… Who will be so nice?? (I mean in some ways i feel that most humans are selfish, you need to protect yourself before you can protect others)

    After reading your post, the thought of ” expect less, gain more” came into my mind…

  11. Well, never too late to realize…

    …the least we expect, the more you will receive…
    …the least we hope for, the more you be blessed…

    I have made this my – LIFE LINE since a group of my very close friends failed me many years back…

    …from then, I have been counting my blessings every single day and found greater joy in the people around me and realize, unless we are on the same platform of the friendship else our own expectations can never be met…it really takes both ways… 🙂

    …for sure, there will be someone who will render help…that is if we ring the right door bell… 🙂

    …take heart, my friend…

    ( 🙂 – from 22 )


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