Working Hard…

A little update of Campus Superstar 2 before I tall ya what I’ve done this morning…

We went for the poster’s photo shoot 2 days ago.
Yeap, the faces had changed…

From this…

Campus Super 1 Top 20

To this…

Final Audition 14/4

Guess the boys and girls, including Fiona, should be having loads of fun. Ha!

Campus Super 2 photoshoot session

Campus Super 2 photoshoot session

Now my story…
To celebrate Labour Day, this is what I’ve acheived today…

Soon after I wake up from bed this morning. Together with my sis and my niece, we clean up the mini pond.

Look, how nice is it now? @@

Mini Pond

After that, I packed and clean up my room… wanna peep?… ; p

PeeP my RooM copy

Labour Day, I swear by it… haha. If you sleep through it, SHAME on YoU!!!

10 thoughts on “Working Hard…”

  1. like your room.. :p esp the stool? or whaT u call that.. the one tat can let u sit and view the ground..haha

    nice roOm..

  2. Nice room! Very classy~

    Anyway, labour day happens to be my birthday =P But i spend it home alone =( didnt sleep through though. Haha~

    Take care, tata!


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