1..2..3… BaNg!

Novena Square






Panel of Judges


The victim.


He dot 2 dots, they checked. He fired the shots!



Everything included. $10. Cheap hor?… And I really think he did a good job.


Wondering how would I feel the next few days…
swell?.. uncomfortable? painful? the ear nua? haha…


18 thoughts on “1..2..3… BaNg!”

  1. aye.. why they so funny? like that also wanna take photo! lol shld ask wenyao to have a piercing too! hahahahhaha 😡

  2. haha.. for those kaypo ones… me not gay. Intended to do on the left side, but my better side for photoshoot is right. So they suggested me to do both sides lo… keep the hole on the right jux in case i need it. Anyways, wat nian dai already, pple stil really care left or right meh? haha

  3. Hi there Dasmond!

    Oh so that was the reason why u were at novena square that day! Ear piercing! Thot you were there to cut hair! My kids spotted you and then my wifey saw you. She said u kinda not so “bubbly” like b4 liao. Dunno if you remember her..one of the contestants in the variety show where you and your co-host (sorry can’t remember her name) came “charging” at us at united square with the camera crew and all saying you were looking for mother participants who don’t wear makeup when they go on outings or something like that! TIme flies Yah? With all the long hours..take care man! Cheers!

  4. To Jeremy – old liao la… more matured so not as bubbly lo… ha. You guys shld hv step forward n say hi! Send my regards to ur wife ya… ; )

  5. Thanks Dasmond

    No lah…we didnt want to interupt, since you were having a conversation with Yifeng and also, with a daily dose of fans and strangers approaching you, due to celebrity status…I believe it can get rather tiring to have to “entertain” everyone on and off air mah!

    Nervermind, S’pore not very big, next time sure got chance to say “Hi” again…then I make sure my mother, father, grandparents and the whole family tree turn up for a photoshoot with U! :oP


  6. yo.. i dun reali like guys with earholes leh.. anyway y u pierce ur ear? for new image?
    well.. if u take care wun nua one la.. i bet the “bang” sound would come abit unexpected and for the first 5 mins u forgot abt the pain (cos kana shocked).. ha.. tt was wat happened to mi when i pierced my ears yrs ago.. hohoho..


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