11 thoughts on “恭喜发财!”

  1. Wow Dasmond, you are really fortunate to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 all the beauties and guys. We can see that you are having a swell time this year and we hope that you will get all your wishes come true.

    We can see that you are pretty good with your outfit matching.

    Happy & Prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 to everyone.

    Video Guy

  2. heyy :))

    was surprised u knew the chocs were from me la… but anw that was kinda a random gift ya. haha… happy v’day anywayys 🙂

    gong xi fa cai too!

    last ep of ss next week.. cyahh 😀

  3. wah long time no see! you rem nel and kelv? late night suppers and mahjong practice? i shifted to hougang some time back. hope you’re well!


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