CNY Weekend

It was a rather packed weekend, celebrating Lunar New Year 🙂

First, the Sheng Siong Show!

While waiting for the rehearsal, our dear 阿姐 demonstrated what’s so called 无影脚.
Writer busy writing 大字报

CNY Gathering 2008 003

An irritating housefly come over and ‘ga jiao’ so 阿姐 use her 无影脚… Just one try, she steps on it… die… Woo!

CNY Gathering 2008 002CNY Gathering 2008 001

There’s buffet catered for us…

CNY Gathering 2008 004CNY Gathering 2008 006

CNY Gathering 2008 005 CNY Gathering 2008 010

Filming trailer…

CNY Gathering 2008 012

Busy snapping pictures 🙂

CNY Gathering 2008 021CNY Gathering 2008 022

CNY Gathering 2008 020CNY Gathering 2008 029

CNY Gathering 2008 019

CNY Gathering 2008 018


New Year Gathering!

CNY Gathering 2008 095CNY Gathering 2008 094CNY Gathering 2008 091CNY Gathering 2008 089CNY Gathering 2008 086
CNY Gathering 2008 081CNY Gathering 2008 083CNY Gathering 2008 038CNY Gathering 2008 057CNY Gathering 2008 054
CNY Gathering 2008 052CNY Gathering 2008 047CNY Gathering 2008 045CNY Gathering 2008 040CNY Gathering 2008 043
CNY Gathering 2008 036CNY Gathering 2008 033CNY Gathering 2008 041CNY Gathering 2008 037CNY Gathering 2008 035

15 thoughts on “CNY Weekend”

  1. hey brother Dasmond,just passing by then leave a message for you.Hehe(:Wow..I like the last picture..hehe(:Got yuyang,you,agnes,shawn and others..i like one of the mi lun bing guy..his name is Sam ba..If i’m not wrong..hehe(:Here i wish you happy new year..Hehe(:Take care..Every sat got watch Sheng Siong Show..Hehe(:Ok see you around…And when you free link and tag me ok..My link is’m one of your fans..Hehe(:

  2. Hi Dasmond,

    I wanna to wish u an advance HAPPI HAPPI BIRTHDAY!!! Haha! A year more wiser, a year more happier, a year more wealthier, a year more healthier, a year more popular, a year more handsome, a year more……………..err don’t put on heavier ah…..i mean weight……..haha!

  3. Nice photo of u all at sheng siong show. Thanks for all the photo. Gong xi fa cai .

    See u,rong ming and sam this sat. Jia you,rest more and take care. 🙂

  4. dasmond stays in a bungalow or smth at ___________.lols.. so i was told by my media fren =x LOL..
    anyway dasmond saw you live on the last sheng siong show~! ur so shuai lor =x lols 😀 and kym super pretty too hahaha… haiz i really wanted to take pic one lor… then u said if wan can take but w/o flash.. that that ‘ah niu’ or wad.. so wad lor.. keep on insisting cannot if not will confiscate. haiz… u are more kind..

  5. You are always so lucky to have so many good friends and beautiful ladies taking photos together. Guess that you are having a swell time for this chinese lunar new year 2008.

    Opps! Thou shall not kill … even though it is a fly.

    Hope everyone will have their dreams come true for this chinese lunar new year 2008.


  6. Hi Everyone and Dasmond. Wish Everyone Happy Birthday on this ‘ren ri’ & Happy Valentine’s Day on 14 Feb! Hope you all have a great time w your loved ones, be it family or lover! 😉

  7. Hi dasmond,



    p.s. 不过还是希望你是与情人过节,只是不讲而已。

  8. Hi Dasmond,

    Sorry, didn’t know it was your birthday until Sam asked us to sing you a birthday song. Hope you like our singing! hehehe…
    May this Special Day of yours, brings you Happiness, Joy, Wealth & Good Health forever. Best of Luck in whatever you do and May God Bless You, jia-you…
    Fyi, you look very much handsome in person as compare to on tv, but please have enough rest & sleep, because you have black ring around your eyes, which are quite obvious.
    Thanks for posting all the nice pics and share with us.


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