The mood is in the air…

I guess it’s because this year is the year of Rat, that’s why, everything seems to be rather different to me ( or I’m making myself feels that it’s different… ha )

Firstly, I finally get to go for my diving, end of the month in Tioman, follow by Redang Island in mid March. And yes, if anyone of you interested to do diving, remember you can contact Jacki from Gill Divers ( can try to quote my name for discounts, if it helps… AHAHA! )

About a week before my big day, there are nice people around me starting to make me feel the mood! Thanks to all those who sang me birthday song at the Radio Gate after Sheng Siong Show on Saturday 🙂

Dorcus who puts in so much effort in making the beautiful cup cakes for me 🙂

cup cakes

Shunrong, Meisi, Steve, Astrine… for the surprise adv birthday cake… ( I did something to the cake, can tell?… :p )



See how much my god son and daughter enjoy it…


And I got Presents!!!


wii kit


48 thoughts on “The mood is in the air…”

  1. Hi,

    Thou still a few more days away, here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday in advance. Thou a year older, more handsome! hahahhaaaa….. It’s good to have your family n good frens around you durin’ your BIG day!
    Have a blessed and wonderful birthday!

  2. Advance Happy Birthday to you and may all your dreams come true. A year older will be a year smarter!

    It is always a great blessing with family members and friends together celebrating birthday to make it fun and enjoyable.

    Blessing to all …

    Video Guy

  3. 荣爷…U will be 24 or 36(Well,I dunno hahaha) in a few days!!!happi “Bird-day”(Birthday)!!!in advance…

    Enjoy your Bdae on the day b4 the last Ep of Sheng Siong…hahaha!
    Great to know you lah…and also…hopefully there will be more “collaboration” on video-making again soon

  4. Hi, Juz want to wish you Happy Birthday too. Enjoy and have a good trip to Tioman and Redang. Nice plcs! Hope I can go there sometimes too. 😉

    P.S. Did sent u ecards to your email. But nt sure if u got them. Anyway, it’s alrite. Mayb there are too many emails, your mailbox is flooded. 😛

  5. you’re welcome dasmond! didnt know you’ll thank us. anyways. happy birthday in advance! last week of ss show le. we go there to support you also de lei! jiayou!

  6. Hey dasmond,

    If i not wrong, You remove X big candles and X small candles on your cake right?


    p/s: X is to represent the no. which u shld know..wahaa

  7. Hello!

    Happy birthday to u. Hope u enjoy ur day with ur friend,family and ur lover if u have 1. haha.

    U are welcome. Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to rong shao, Happy birthday to u.



    Huat ah!

  8. Happy Birthday Zhenrong! Btw, pardon me for asking, I found the guy in your photo quite familiar, he resembles someone I know. Is his name Koh Soon Yeong? 🙂

    ( yeap 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. Happy Birthday
    祝 心想事成
    身体健康 ^^


  10. HI DK,

    Happy Birthday to you in advance…!!

    Although getting older by 1 year, but still as handsome!! So sorry did not get you any present…ecard ok?

    Enjoy your trip in Tioman…:)


  11. “I’m making myself feels that it’s different… ha” according to psyc view, it’s “self-fulling prophecy” oh~ haha…

    aww the cupcakes are sweet..~ 🙂
    anyway happy birthday!! 😀
    may all your wishessss come true!!! 😀

  12. I know wad you have did to your birthday cake
    I also know why the cake only left with one candle
    荣少, you had remove the rest of the candles, right?
    You dun wish to let people know how old you are, right?
    That is why your cake left with one candle, am I totally right?

    Hey, 荣少! Sorry that I did not buy any birthday present for you!
    And also sorry that I did not send birthday card to you
    But through here, you will see my wishes
    Somemore, it is in the advance of wishes from me to you leh
    I wish my idol, 荣少 “Happy Birthday”
    Whatever 荣少 wishes for on that day, hope that his wishes can come true
    And definetly will work hard on the wish that he wishes for

  13. hahaha. suddenly got reminded of the previous entry you wrote about the “meaning of presents” perfume means you’re smelly.
    anyway, Wii ROCKS!
    You definitely still look 24! 🙂 and hope you’ll still look as dashing as now in another decade’s time!

  14. 2 more days~ wish u first since my pc will break down anytime.. haha..

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO yOu!
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy To You!
    HaPpY BiRtHdAY tO zHeNrOnG!
    hApPy BiRtHdAy To yOu!

    May ur birthday wishes come true!

  15. 1 more day…

    Happy Birthday 荣少…
    getting older but still alway look 22 year old.. 🙂

    May ur wishes come true and the good luck alway fellow u…

  16. hello dasmond! happy birthday to u!! glad to see u doing well in life & work! hope tat one day u can go back to radio ?? haa grew up listening to ur radio programs.. oh fellow AHSian oso~ last time when i was young still screamed for you at TM.. haha and also went down to the eh chuang ye wu di shou(delifrance), specially to see you~ JIA YOUS at work k! and may u find tat special lady to spend ur life with and have some cute little kids!
    best wishes~

  17. 荣少, 生日快乐!!!
    This is a good year for Rats. May all your wishes come true! 🙂

    Sorry, I have something planned for your bday, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it did not materialise 🙁 非常抱歉….

    Btw, 2202 is a nice number. Did you bet on 4D? 😀

  18. Hi, Happy and blessed birhtday to you. red carpet waiting for your arrival to Kulai. It is our honor to have you in Kulai for food and seeing your old friends and supporter in Kulai.

  19. Hi Dk…happy belated birthday! wish u good health and definitely more happiness and money too! 🙂

    PS: the lady in pink in your photo looked “Barbie Hsu” from that angle in the picture…hehe…


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