Will you remember?

One of my friend’s mum passed away this morning, after staying in hospital for about a week, due to sudden attack by some unknown virus.

Yes, as little as a week…

When I heard such news, I always wonder…

How does it feel, when one day you were to lie on bed, not being able to move or say anything?

You will never be able to tell those whom you care for, how much you love them
You no longer have the ability to stretch out your hand, and hold the one who meant dearly to you
No more chances to feel the warmth of a hug, enjoying the heartfelt joy of staying side by side

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So many words left unspoken…
So many thoughts left unsaid…

Will they know how much you will be missing them?


Life’s fragile.
If there are people that you wanted to keep in your life, treat them well, and constantly tell them how much you love them.

No matter what happen, never let go….
Cause who knows, all of a sudden, you might loose the ability to tell them, how much you love them…

18 thoughts on “Will you remember?”

  1. I totally agree with you… Life’s too short to wait for things to happen… So many things left unsaid… So many things that one could do… so treasure the love ones around you.

    Life is short, treat your love ones well
    Do not left things unsaid until ones’ life fell
    You can cry until your eyes will swell
    Cuz when they’re gone… There’ so much things you just can’t tell

  2. We cannot wait to say how much we appreciate each and every one’s presence.

    Show how thankful you are towards them and what you really feel. This is not only to your family members but also to those who treasure you the most and you treasure them the most! They will not be there forever.

    SO, DO NOT BE shy about speaking out your true feelings!!

  3. Life is really fragile.
    I just lost my beloved grandma 3 months ago.
    It was so sudden.
    I was having an outing with my friends, while my mum called me, sobbing, blasted me with the news of my grandma’s death.
    I immediately rushed down to the hospital after I picked up my younger sister who was at her friend’s place doing project.
    My tears just couldn’t stop when I was in the cab.
    Memories of my grandma flashed back non-stop.
    At the wake, looking at my grandma lying in the coffin.
    It’s really hard to accept that!
    I was hoping that she will wake up, and tell us that it was just a joke.
    But no… She had left us…

    Grandma was always a very strong and fit old lady, without illness.
    My cousin always says, grandma could kill tigers with her bare hands even thou she is already 70+ years old.
    But eventually, grandma was defeated by colon cancer.
    She left at the age of 90 years old, and I think it is really fortunate that grandma lived such an old age.
    It was really unbelieveable that my grandma who was so doting on me left nothing but ashes now.
    It was really a regret that I have not chance to see her or talked to her before she left.
    It was really a regret that I did not personally deliver the 香菇豬肉 I cooked for her.
    There are just too many regrets.
    And I finally realised the meaning of “珍惜你眼前的一切”.

  4. well…someday we all will leave the one we love…the one we love will leave us someday…這就是人生~生離死別~我們都要面對的~我們都只是過客呀﹗什麼都不能帶走。。。

  5. Lots of feelings flowing in my heart. Tears is filling up in my eyes. Missing my beloved grandma too, remember her always for her warm smiling face and soft hands that holded my hands b4… Praying hard that both parents will be living healthily and happily… Too much feelings… Tears flowing feelings….

  6. Hello!! Still remember me? Haha.

    I totally agreed with what you had said.

    Life is Precious and Fragile. Hence, we need to cherish everybody around us, Now ~

  7. ya, i guess its never easy for one to realise that we have been so fortunate nowadays & to have taken so much things for granted.
    Only to start treasuring our LOVES one when we have lost them… to realise that we have not been doing enough when its too late..
    i hope more people can read this and start making a change to their life~! Nothing is 理所当然, appreciate all you have NOW!

  8. Oh no!!!! is the wake anywhere near macpherson or balestier area?? i have a friend’s friend whom mother just passed away in the same way too last week!!!

  9. Hi! life is unpredictable and is short.Just want to tell everyone, cherish people around us as we may not know when they will be gone and we will regret not spending enough time with them etc. After my grandfather & teacher left us, I begin to cherish my love ones even more. Just express how you feel if you care etc, so that you will not have any regrets in life.Make each day a fruitful one if possible so we won’t regret. Achieve what you can & what you want!

  10. totally agree with u for wad u say 🙂

    life is really precious and fragile. we wun knw when will they leave us one day..=/

    understooded the feeling of losing a close one..=(
    i also lost one of my friend due to sickness too. missing her also.. though it had been years..='( somehow i still recalled those words she say to me before she left..

    so yeah~ really had to cherish all the people around us!
    nt gg to let go to those who really love us so much!

    take care to u dasmond~ 🙂

  11. is kinda sad when i was reading ur blog… agree with u..

    dasmond, do u mind i ask u a question?

    are u feeling very moody, boring, sad or empty of ur whole life now?
    i dunno y i asked u dis question
    maybe is bcos i notice that ur blog is full of black n white only… like very empty lik tt..
    or is the blog layout?
    i dunno.. hahas..

    take care dasmond~
    hope u will host more tv show!

  12. 错过了这个人,最爱的人,才发现,自己有多后悔,珍惜自己身边的每一个人,当错过的时候自己才没那么后悔难过····


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