11 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget?”

  1. hmm, i guess maybe the time is not right yet? 🙂
    anw, time heals all wounds 🙂
    cheer up ya?
    tmr will be a better day! 😀

  2. sometimes forgiving someone also makes our life much easier, for me forgiving is easy but to forget is another thing

  3. What’s most impt is the self-forgiveness. We can’t please everyone in this world, sometimes just have to let it go…

  4. not sure wad are you gg through… In either way, think of the good side and all the things done for each other… Remember you once posted ‘it doesn’t matters whose right, but who left…’? Let go on impulse will only lead to regret

  5. hello dasmond…;D ;D
    Cheer up (=
    Forgiving sometimes allows us to let go of burdens or worries.
    It may be a misunderstanding at times?
    The sun will shine brighter tomorrow!

    Anway ;D
    I saw you last night at Superband!
    I was the two small girls who were wearing Stage,小猪的品牌!
    You asked us what it was right haha

    You were at stand by before the LIVE show that time.
    Remember you said dont take photo even though you’re so well dressed yesterday?
    can visit my blog and tag?
    (I dont have pictures of you because you said cannot take right. ):

  6. forgiving and forgetting doesn’t necessary come together does it?
    Forgiving is crucial. t frees yourself more than anything.
    But i always thought its still good to remember after forgiving,
    allows us to learn the lesson from that experience.

  7. i want to forgive and forgot. But saying is easier than doing. The heart doesn’t follows wat the brain intends.

    i let time fades away my memories, hoping tat one day it will just go away. I hope tat helps you too..

  8. Its really hard to forgive n forget… I also hope in this world tat’s a medicine tat will let us forget the memories… I am also waiting for time to fade all the memories away… Let’s wait and heal one day..


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