1330hrs On our way to one of the Sheng Siong Supermarket for filming…

spain 176: which outlet we going huh?

tm: Yuan Ching Road…

spain 176: Oh! the one last time we buy 4D one ah???

tm: Ya ya ya.. you borrow money from me that one…

spain 176: That time almost dio… this time must buy again…

But… Buy what number?….. The biggest news this few days….


okie! 2630! Onz!

Maybe I’m kinda blurrrr… I came out with this…

4d ticket

michelle: What number you buy?

spain 176: 陈水扁入狱编号… sure dio one…

michelle: really meh?

spain 176: but I buy the wrong number leh… 2603.. how huh?

michelle: Nvm lah… who knows?

spain 176: Really ah?

But I was thinking….


Aiya… nvm lah, who knows….

2012hrs …


I text her to share the news.

michelle: OH. My. GOD.

13 thoughts on “Pa-Ga_liao”

  1. hey rong-shao! i’m new here =)
    happy reading your blog entries

    woo… that store really so heng? shld have er-shi-si-ta.. then you would win le..
    anyway.. take care =)

  2. So you didn’t permutate? Sayang man! If not, can ask for a treat!

    ( sad lah… if not can fly there look for you liao.. haha – from 22 )

  3. oh and to add on, next time if want to buy, just buy. don’t think too much! i always tell my mum too and coincidentally, me and mum zodiac is rat, you too right? so for rats ppl, maybe have to listen to their heart then now u will be a few K richer 😛


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