Tigers kill Singapore zoo cleaner

Tigers kill Singapore zoo cleaner
(Starits Times)

Tigers kill Singapore zoo cleaner

SINGAPORE (AP) — A zoo in Singapore says three white Bengal tigers have mauled a zoo cleaner to death after the man jumped into a moat surrounding their enclosure.
Biswajit Guha, the Singapore Zoo’s assistant director, says the tigers pounced on Nordin bin Mondong, a 32-year-old Malaysian.

The tigers each weigh more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms.)

Guha says fellow zoo workers managed to distract the tigers and pull Nordin away, but he died on the way to a hospital.

He said in a statement Thursday a Malaysian contract worker jumped into the moat at the white tiger exhibit and was attacked by three white tigers. He said “the worker tragically succumbed to his wounds.”

He said the zoo has temporarily closed the tiger exhibit and police are investigating the incident.

Sources from CNN

4 thoughts on “Tigers kill Singapore zoo cleaner”

  1. Scary case for Singapore.. But however, i read newspaper and it said the guy wanted to commit suicide, not Zoo’s safety problem.
    Hah, but it was kind of silly for the guy to think of this method..

  2. thats very sad..i read it on the newspaper..my mum say that he have maybe issues in his life and so he committed SUICIDE.not the zoo’s fault..anyway if any of u people go to the singapore becareful when u go to the zoo..im from singapore 😀


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