L@@king Back…

I’ve been trying to find some time to change my car tire… kinda wear off already.
In the morning, a feeling came telling me I had to get it done today.
So, I stop by a shop this afternoon to change them.

my car

While working on them… the boss suddenly asked me to go over and take a closer look at one of the tire… guess what I see…


… there was a nail abt 3 or 4cm long in one of the tire!… I was lucky nothing happen cause the tire could have gone punctured anytime… ~heng ah…

The lesson here is, believe in your instinct … ha!

Something else to share with you, found the following pic a couple of days back…
Childhope gathering

So I get my friend to load the following clips onto youtube…

5 years ago?… woo…

[youtube zgiMQDW_T0k]

41 thoughts on “L@@king Back…”

  1. I remembered watching this drama series and cried a few times @ those sad moments. Well, our life is like drama too. You will never know when will happened anything happy or sad. Most imptly is treasure your loved ones around you. 🙂 This drama seems to show u no difference. Hmm… Mayb a little more handsome!?!?!? 😉

  2. That’s 《孩有明天》right? I also like the theme song 《为明天》by 光良=)

  3. that’s one of few good shows that mediacorp had produced. Dasmond, notice that u look equally young compare to 5 yrs ago but w more confidence n charisma now. Jia You!

  4. wow! years back..missed Chen Xiu Li…wonder how’s her life now…hardly hear from her after her marriage…
    Hope she is doing well…:)

  5. Haha Agreed what ally say…..did bring back some memories during that time …how about you dasmond
    should have lots of memories ba…..time flies man…time flies..

    Well good luck and take care….dun get any slimmer le though you still shuai in any-way….

  6. yay finally blog-hopped till yours! =D actually wanna ask for your views on prank calls (since i received two last week -.-)but i can’t find the ‘contact me’ button so i’ll just comment here lah!:D~

    ( jus dun do anything… they will give up the idea after a while when there’s no response from it… haha – from 22 )

  7. Dear :

    很 谢 谢 你 分 享 这 Video.. 真 的 看 了。。 很 感 动。。。

    还 好。。 您 没 事 就 好 了。。

    祝: 安 康, 事 业 顺 利。

  8. Yea…Nice Show there..Very touching..anyway…dasmond i sent u the link to ur email and u see whethe u wan to post it in ur blog

  9. hey! i love e song! anyone happen to have tt soundclip? e song tt’s sang by tay ping hui.
    thanks for posting e video too! it’s a reali nice show.

  10. omg!this is so touching..
    5 years back,i was only 8.
    but i still remember this show!
    man.i cried just watching the vid.
    wonder how i will cry while watching the show..
    cry me a river.

  11. i cried many times while watching this drama lor…sometimes find that the past local dramas are even better as compared to those now..at least they are from true life experiences, which is what the reali life is.


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