Hey Gorgeous @ NAFA

First of all, for anyone who missed the 1st 2 episodes of Hey! Gorgeous…
The winners of NP and NYP… then then then then…. ( drum roll…. )

NPwinner2nyp winner1

Okay, we were at NAFA filming it today, hope this round is much better… just see see ok, dun scold us didnt put in effort hor… we really try hard liao… 🙂

Top 3 Gals

nafa gals

Top 3 Guys

nafa guys

11 thoughts on “Hey Gorgeous @ NAFA”

  1. woo not bad.. hehe… next week u all will be going SIM to film yea.. though i’m not schling on that day but maybe i will go back sch to catch u up! wanna tk photo wid u.. hahaha =x

  2. “Beauty is in the eye of the be-holder”… Did I say or spell wrongly? Anyway, pple will become more handsome or prettier as people grow older.

    HeHe… I also dun do any ‘beautify’ until when I joined my profession now… Think back, it’s quite amazed too. No wonder bride is the most beautiful lady…once in a lifetime ba…


  3. Well, I didn’t watch Hey Gorgeous. I think there are too many of such programme. I miss those days when channel U have lots of interesting game shows.

    Now I could hardly find one which is interesting.


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