Classmate vs Contestant

One of them is my secondary school classmate (Dun doubt him, he’s my age…)

The other the Campus Superstar contestant.


Their relationship? Uncle and nephew. Ha! So ~qiao3 right?

In case you’re wondering how our Campus Superstar is doing… umm…

Not paying much attention to his studies…
Feel kinda lost after being so busy for past 3 months…
Thinking of what he wans now…
Always on MSN talking nonesense (according to his mum)… ha!

Had lunch with both of them, and also Shawn’s mum, at Simei’s 18 Chefs, a place I’ve heard a lot. Food was nice 🙂


The picture on the wall was painted by weiqi from superband.

p/s: So I look young or he look old?… aha! @@

25 thoughts on “Classmate vs Contestant”

  1. From here i can see something! that means Rong Shao Ye is not young anymore!!! haha!!!! Anyway joking lah!!!! The fans of Rong Shao is going to bash me up… hehe!!

  2. heard alot of the place? from sam ah? hahas…

    it’s always so miraculous how ppl seem to know each other… like las time i got these 2 friends, whom i knew from totally 2 different places. then in e end i realised tt they actually knew each other. hmm…

    ok lah, u look young. haha =P

  3. emo – there are some comment I dun think it’s appropriate to be posted. Normally I’ll answer it thru email. U shld’ve seen my reply if the email add u type in is a genuine one. Thx..

    al – I never… haha…

  4. *FAINTS*
    you were @ east point??? I planned to go to POSB to settle something that day! !@#%$ I should have go lah! Then might heng heng see you. haha.

    nevermind! wish myself better luck next time! haha.

  5. o.O
    so shawn calls his uncle, uncle. (obviously duh.)
    what does he call u then? kor kor or uncle? xD

    *and yes. this has yet again shown that looks can be decieving. especially (for) age.*

  6. AH…….anglican high !

    btw dasmond, i’m ur secondary’s teacher….not,actaully ur classmate too….hahaha. most prob u ‘ll never remember who i’m but i also cannot remember who the “uncle” is ??? but look darn familiar…., must flip yr book to find out… 🙂 anyway i also look like uncle, so confirm u look young.


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