With Love, from you…

It’s not how beautiful these cards are, but the thoughts and love that wraps around it…
These are the cards that arrived at my pigeon hole. Thanks…

may the stars watch over you and your fairies create magical warm memories for you to keep close to your heart…
written in the card Yen Ru sent to me.

xmas card 014xmas card 013xmas card 009xmas card 008

xmas card 007xmas card 006xmas card 005xmas card 004xmas card 003

xmas card 012xmas card 011xmas card 010xmas card 001xmas card 002

Found this clip in youtube… posted by ourvoicebox
[youtube p7e-_uXFRDs&rel]

And the next version of my recap clip, done by Jiayu.
( and yeap, I sang the song, it’s called 新的一年 🙂 )

[youtube j5ITk6kpZ8A&rel]

7 thoughts on “With Love, from you…”

  1. hi zhen rong,

    so far which female artiste you enjoyed working with most?

    and which female artiste you think is the most beautiful and closest to ur “type” of girlfriend?

  2. hi =)
    actually i think u hav a unique voice to start with when ur in yes 933
    mayb becoz of this ur now a host but neva did i believe u can SING!!
    oh my god..how nice if u can publish ur own album
    i’ll definetly support u.haax
    take care ya

    with love,
    jian wei

  3. Hey Dasmond,

    It’s always exciting and heartwarming to have people recognising your talents and doing what you like as a career! Looking back at what you have done for the past year, you have indeed put in lotsa effort and got what you deserve. I’m sorta a host myself and i can understand all the pains and hard work you had put in. Jiayou for the next year ahead!!!


  4. Hi dasmond!

    我觉得Yen Ru的祝福很棒。
    一直觉得你是一位很nice的主持人。nice guy!

    p.s 一直有一个疑问。请问22 stands for?


    ( my birth date 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. Ah, i have been wondering why dasmond’s blog is named 22..

    Sorry, I have such kind of query. =X

    Anyway, 22 more hours to go to 2008!

    at the same time, BF is coming home =D

    Advance Happy New Year.


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