25 more hours

[youtube Yti7K9CBJgM&rel]
Producer Matthias aka Usada

Everyone talking about new year resolution.
I pause for a bit… and started to think is there anything I wanna achieve in year 2008.

Find a nice lady, get married and have kids. Ha!
But where is she?…
Somewhere out there?…

Stay healthy and Eat as much


Enjoy to the fullest and Earn BiG bucks


20 thoughts on “25 more hours”

  1. Hi Dasmond,

    Juz want to wish your wishes will come true. As for your new yr resolution, no matter what you think is the most impt thing in life, I think the person you wish for will come to u soon, the career path you aim for will slowly in place. I’m ready for the challenges that are waiting for me in 2008. Hope everyone here are ready for it too. Jiayou! 😉

  2. Yuppy!!!Life is meant to enjoy and live to the fullest! =) I am going to live my life to the fullest now hahas!Its over man,mediacorp here i come! XDDDD u stay happy always too!See u tmr night!

  3. Hey Dasmond,
    hahaha~!! U use adobe Premiere Pro to do this video?? hmm… nice though…
    But if u can add some meaningful words throughout the video, it would be better ya?? hee…
    *coz i also know how to use the program*
    *hope that ur wishes will come through!!!*
    *HAPPY 2008*

  4. “Somewhere Out There” pops into my mind instantly.

    “Somewhere out there, someone’s saying a prayer. That we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there.”

    All the best to you, Dasmond!

    Jia you!

  5. Ha Dasmond ,

    Jia You for guy is fine yr age still young lah … just jia you k find a rite tea to yr hse … …

    Best wishes and HAPPY NEW YR 🙂


  6. find a nice lady? where? HERE lah! hehehe.. lol kidding lah..
    all the best next year!! happy new year!
    by the way, 你的 “新的一年” 超好听!love your voice man!

  7. your new year resolution is really to find a niice lady?! haha i came up with a resolution for 2008 already (: and good news! i achieved my resolution for 2007! =D

    HAPPY 2008!

  8. whoa, hapy new year dasmond!
    saw your resolutions and i hope that you’ll be able to achieve all of it.
    even personal ones [:
    a nice lady, of course someone who’s deserving too.
    haha don’t worry, just open your heart to the one you feel that is right
    eventually your heart will lead you to her, somehow
    fate has it’s ways

    all the best!

  9. never striked me that you’re the marrying kind but guess I’m wrong. all the best in fulfilling yr wishes for the new year and hope that it’s fun and satisfying too …………………………………..

  10. Happy New Year 🙂
    Hope you’ll find ‘the one’, though to be able to find the right one is not easy.
    But still, best of luck to you 😉


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