Wrapping up…

[youtube tlYn5CVt9lo]
Producer: Darren

I’ve got 2 different version videos so far… this is one of them…
Brought back a lot of memories… most of the shows I’ve done in the year 2007.
To all you guys and gals out there, thanks for being with me…

Where will I be for countdown?

CounTDown 2008

31 Dec 2007
Boon Lay Place (Area next to Blk 215)
Felicia Chin, Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh, Aliff Aziz appearing from 11pm till 12mn

How to get there?
Nearest Mrt: Lakeside
Bus: 240,246,99

( Info from Yuesheng, thx… )

19 thoughts on “Wrapping up…”

  1. Hey Das,hahaha
    So fast put the video up liao…hahaha
    Guess U like it so much…Enjoy

    Happy New Year!in advance…
    P.S. I wish to go to Countdown @Boon Lay Place…However,I got notice to work @Vivo that day…Countdown also…U know where one lah…

  2. hey there dasmond,
    hope you did receive the necklace, sweets and christmas card i got someone to pass to you at sheng siong today. wanted to pass to you last week but didnt manage to catch ya, so its a lil late. hope you dont mind! [asked him and he said he did pass to ya, but thot i jus double confirm… =P]

    hope you liked the stuffs thoughh. =)) late merry christmas & advance happy new year!

    ( got it le…. thx so much… – from 22 )

  3. Hi Dasmond,

    Juz want to wish you early to have a great and smooth year in 2008. Juz share something w all of u here is no matter what kind of yr predicted you have in 2008, juz remember that we must work hard for it either to overcome the problems or make it even better. I think I ended my 2007 in a different feel as compared to my 2006, more fulfillment feeling although a lot of difficulties during this yr. I believe a lot of the readers feeling the same too. But here, wishing nt only the owner of this blog, & all the readers have a ‘wang’ and healthy 2008. 😉

    Healthy is wealthy! 😉

    ( well said… 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. i post an empty letter to the sheng siong address thingy rite……but i nv get a reply….do i need a stamp….i tot dun need…cuz last tym i post to my fren hse nv use stamp oso can

    ( put an envelope with stamp and also your own address written on it, and send it to the mediacorp address. they will put the ticket in and send it over to you.. – from 22 )


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