Go Live!

Attended Go Live! 2 weeks in a row… Tonight was a really fun one… πŸ™‚

Go Live! 007

Any particular reason for being so happy? Yeap, of course… and it’s because of them!

Go Live! 006

I’ve not seen Big Sister Cassandra for quite a while already… And as usual, whenever she’s around, there’s always full of laughter… We just chat and chat and chat, from studio… to canteen… to waiting area… and when I was driving them back…

Lucas is so tall now, so different from the last time I saw him, which was a couple of years ago… πŸ™‚


非常Superband finalist 倧风吹 performed in last week’s Sheng Siong’s show to promote their recently released EP…

Da Feng Chui

They worked really hard on it, half a year of effort… Do support them. On sale in HMV.


9 thoughts on “Go Live!”

  1. hi Das, i missed MLB & Wei Lian’s performances, any link?

    ( bo leh… i dunno whether is it on youtube… – from 22 )

  2. MLB!!!!!!! Hehe. U got take pics with mlb or take pics of them? Can share? Thanks. πŸ˜€

    Lucas is cute and tall. πŸ™‚

  3. hmmm… did any1 notice the Dasmond Koh – 933 Radio DJ thingy in this blog?? wat is this abt? hehe… u goin back on air soon ar?

  4. hey dasmond.
    really sorry about Saturday!
    thanks fo forgiving ε››εΌΊ; thanks for the yummy food [:

    ( haha… I’m abit particular when it comes to work… hope I didnt scare u guys… ahaha… Have fun and see you kids soon πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  5. Wow, great to see those photos and u r great to capture those people i’m really comfortable looking at. (Phew! No joanne peh!) btw, it’s really amazing…u’re totally bilingual..exceptional for a guy…btw, r u still doing radio broadcast? it’s time i tune in if u still do very comfortable listening to u….see a lot of u on tv though…hope and sincerely hope u get something at star awards 2010! supporting u!


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