Excuse me, are you a Fashion Journalist?

Over the years, I have learnt to respect others for their professions.
You do what you are good at, and keep your comments about other things that are not your profession.

You can say what you like and dislike about things ( one man’s meat might be another man’s poison ), but when you decide to grade it, think about what credibility you have to condemn Stylists, and then, be bold to name who you are ( or even the panel ), so we know what your taste is like… which can be damn “sala” too…

You can say what you want, but keep the Grade to yourself.

8 days fashion

I personally feel very comfortable about this outfit, but because of you ( or the few of you ), I feel that I’ve made the sponsors look bad. My sincere apology to the sponsors on behalf of the ‘not-fashion-stylists-but-think-they-have-got-good-dress-sense’ group.

If entertainment journalists can judge on fashion styling, I guess it’s time for… maybe Actors to teach models how to catwalk?

41 thoughts on “Excuse me, are you a Fashion Journalist?”

  1. this is so ridiculous!
    you outfit looks okay to me, i don’t understand why they gave an ‘F’ grade
    they are obviously bias towards you.

  2. i understand how you feel. personally, i think jeanette aw’s dress looks nice on her. she doesn’t deserve a C+. the ‘brightness’ of her colourful dress complements her tanned skin-tone very well. the crux is, her dress’ a gown. in my opinion, if it was shorter, perhaps, knee length, it would look great on her. i think joanne peh’s outfit looks too simple for star awards.

    i think you look good in that outfit. you don’t deserve a F la, not that bad. it’s just that, these entertainment journalists, they expect everyone to come in prim and proper western suits and ties, those dull dull ah pek ones. so, since you came with such a ‘surprise’, they must write something, unfortunately it’s negative….but hey! don’t worry, just treat it as some free publicity yep?

  3. some media are just bias, really… some graded zoe tay A, some flunked her!

    quoted from david gan: “one should not judge fashion if he or she does not have any fashion influence or background or even any fashion sense to begin with. Isn’t there no credibility at all then?” i totally agree…

    i think zoe’s outfit brought out the figure in her. your outfit was cool, it stood out from the rest, in a good way! jeanette also wore a pretty gown, yet she also got slammed by the press.

    dont take it too hard… =)

  4. hey dasmond! don’t be too upset, just ignore the irritating and brainless fashion journalist who wrote the article on 8days. i was shocked when i saw the results too, cos honestly speaking, your outfit looked okay to me^^ I guess the journalist has favoritism towards the more experienced artistes cos he/she graded them mostly “A”s, for e.g. zoe tay, xiang yun..
    and he graded Dai Yangtian’s outfit as C just because there were flamngos on his tie!!?? actually the flamingos were a little out of point, but he/she made a sarcastic remark “For some strange reason, we now have a sudden urge to eat mooncake and recite Tang poetry.”. OMG, that’s a super mean remark to make! is he criticizing DYT’s nationality or smth? i also feel that jeanette aw looked great! dont you think so too?
    in conclusion, i share the same sentiments with you that they are NOT qualified to be fashion journalists cos they are ultra biased! so, dont fret over this small issue, and take it as a way to show to ppl your unique personality!^^

  5. Your outfit has
    1) captured certain elements of the latest men’s fashion
    2) a fantastic structure to it

    No worries, you looked good overall.

  6. totally man!!! OMG!!! i cant understand what they are thinking… i’ve got no idea how zoe tay’s dress look good… and how ou xuan’s classy dress doesnt… goodness… and yours it’s unique and cool can!!! hahahaha… really wonder who are these pple who graded… i am sure they have very UNIQUE taste in the fashion arena… -.-

  7. heys,dont be too upset or what over what is reported.
    most importantly is that u like ur own outfit and it’s comfortable.
    thats the important thing(:
    continue to work hard!

  8. Hey DK,
    Well, its just people’s opinions and in life criticisms are something we just have to either ignore or take constructively. I understand how u feel, especially being in the media…u’re bound to face these kinda judgements from ppl. If u’re comfortable & feel at ease wif that outfit, don’t matter what ppl will say, because that’s you & ur style. ok 🙂 Though ya…i think the outfit looks ok overall, except for the bow. But it’s not that bad. Ya. Different ppl have different fashion sense, just like different ppl like to eat different food. No one can force u to like laksa if u like chicken rice.

    When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.

    Continue to work hard & i hope u’ll grow stronger in character after all that u’ve gone through & continue to persevere on yea? 🙂 All the best =)

  9. Hey Das, dun b disappointed.. As long as you feel comfortable with whateva u r wearin, dun care abt how others judge u yea? b confident is the key to success!~

    I think otherwise, you do look cool in that outfit which gives us a definitely different feelin to all.. =) Cheerio..!~

  10. Hello Dasmond! Great that you dare to point it out! It’s just like how MEDIA , reporters are on the judging panel to judge ACTING!! It’s the same case…

  11. I don’t trust their taste since they graded Zoe a A+. I didn’t manage to spot Zoe’s waist. Can you all spot her waist under the tight fitting dress?

  12. Hello Desmond ! Dont care about how they grade you cause they are no one to do so . I personally think the outfit is cool and special . It’s better than always wearing some normal and frequently seen outfit ! I support you ! Cheer up .

  13. Ur outfit look nice. Dun be sad, just dun care abt them.

    Most important is u like ur own outfit and when u wear it u feel comfortable. 🙂

  14. Personally, I would say to each his own.
    What you wear is solely your choice, & it is not their place to judge.
    So, take the F as fabulous kay? [=

    Perfection is only in the eye of the person that sees it.
    So long you feel fine in it, then it is not important what they think.

    In fact, you should write back or comment to them and say, ” Thanks for giving me an “F”, I know you think I’m F-abulous, and if I ever need to rate your sense of style or your accomplishment as a journalist, I’ll give you an “F” too!

    Always do your job, keep your cool, and be polite and courteous, with a hint of sarcasm. That way, they can not slander your nor can they find a way to comment badly. [=

    Note: True fans won’t care how you dress~

  15. OH PLEASE. I LOVE your outfit. its very abstract! only true artist are able to appreciate it. those self proclaimed fashion graders are just advertising how lousy their fashion sense is. they are probably some old LKK outdated attention seekers. don’t feel guilty or bad about it. just feel sorry for those lousy so called fashion newbs. they had widely advertise themselves as lousy graders, who cant see the abstract. i really love that outfit, and IM NOT a fan of you i swear. So im not saying this coz of the person. Its just coz I like the outfit, and i cant take people who insults it this badly. cheer up man.

  16. I really think that u look good in your outfit.. Nothing wrong.. They criticised on how male artists wear all black, no new stuffs.. But yet they criticised on your special outfit.. Wonder what do they really want… Think they think that they can only earn praises by criticising.. U can ignore them =)

  17. Such comments are all subjective !! Don’t have to be bothered. Oh ya, did you offend the person who write this, must be lor 🙂 Cheer up, dont be bothered. I think you carry the suit well 🙂

  18. Hey!
    I think your outfit is nice alright.
    It’s pretty unique.
    Ya’ know it’s tiring seeing all the actor always wearing the same kind of suit and well, at least yours stand out!
    Cheer up yeah, and ytd sheng siong without audience was weird. haha

  19. i guess some people just can’t help it but get personal with their taste in style. Especially when someone appears in a one-of-a-kind outfit, the rest either love it or hate it. but come on, isn’t this always the first spark to style and fashion. so to those who choose to be unique, they should just take it in their stride, with good grace. I do think it looks good on you, you wear the outfit, the outfit doesn’t wear you.

  20. Did anyone mention F stands for ‘Fail’ or ‘Funky’ or ‘Fashionable’?
    Sorry I didn’t buy that magazine since …. I forgotten…

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinions so maybe they never felt your comfort in your display.
    Anyway personally I find your outfit more towards ‘unsuitable’ rather than non fashionable.
    Perhaps if you would to wear a pair of sneakers instead of that high cut boots would be more flowing.

    Blessing in disguise my friend.


    P/S :- Stay tune for opportunities of new sponsors knocking at your door? The challenge in the singapore fashion industry is perhaps to convert you from ‘F’ to ‘A+’ in the next event?

    ( Hi there! Kinda like you ‘unsuitable’ statement… at least for an individual, its a more objective comment.. 🙂 – from 22 )

  21. Hi Dasmond,

    Don’t care what the grade or whatever they said.. Cos, as long as you are comfortable with the material used and looked great.

    Errrm, F can stands for Fantastic! You know? haha.. cos A stands for Achievement, B+ and B- stand for Best+ and Best-, C+/C- stands for Can+/Can-..

    And, I truly believe that a smart, neat and handsome person, wear whatever, also looked smart, neat and handsome.. It is sad that there are people have no taste in appreciating..

    You look good great!

    On top of that, I’m the contestant took part in the Sheng Siong Show Week 2, playing the baskerball machine! And, I was very nervous that time you know? hahaha.. don’t even know what Kym Ng was asking me that time lah.. hahahahaha..

    ( Oh.. Gao!… haha – from 22 )

  22. accepting criticism (be it unfair or not) is part and parcel of life, especially in the entertainment industry. I actually quite agree with 8 days that your outfit is fashion gone wrong. Joanne does look hot in her Herve leger bandage dress although it is last year’s fashion.

    But Zoe definitely don’t deserve an A+. She looks too old for a mini bandage dress.

  23. hahas, probably they judged it based on the price?But no worries, your outfit looks great. It kinda brought out the young fashion. Like what others commented, maybe they find the old, traditional suit – long sleves, long pants, black jacket and a tie much stylisher..
    Dont bother what these gossip magazines says cause it s called a GOSSIP magazine. So unfortunately, ur the unlucky one.

  24. u belong to the entertainment industry. to be judged is part of ur job.. u have to learn to accept that and not take things personally. it’s really not very nice. the more defensive u are, the more miserable u are.

  25. Hey Desmond, your outfit looks great, fashionable,outstanding…. etc, just don care what they say about you because those people even dare not to put their name there and what do you think about their taste and looks, may be their looks deserve a Z minus mah …

  26. ya, maybe u are rite to say u didnt bring out the fashion sense of that outfit … probably u can work out a bit or get some training in catwalk 🙂

  27. Althought you feel very comfortable about the outfit, but other just don’t like it, Seriously this outfit don’t suit this kind of event.

  28. You look good in this outfit, also brings out your youthfulness & sporting side of you.

    I think…..you are suitable to dress like that, look handsome too !

  29. ayo~u’re so handsome then y they gave a F 4 u? n i think jeanette the jeanius is the prettiest on that day but she got a C- ..wat the.. i feel like so angry!i think the ppl who gave the grade is from mental hospital ! u both look nice..both of u should get A+++++++:)


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