Final Countdown!

As the title goes, final countdown…

For whatever good and bad, it’s time to just learn from it, and put it aside.

Stay Happy… for what we gonna do
Stay Wise… for what we are doing
Stay Appreciative… for what we are given

Life is like a box of chocolate, we never know what we gonna get…

Who will know that…

among the 2ooo+ over people who register for a contest, the one sitting beside you eventually turns out to be your final competitor?



an acquaintance you met while taking a lift eventually blossom into heartfelt friendship?

Treasure life….
Treasure people around us…

Happy 2008! Thanks for being around. Life wouldn’t be merry without you all…


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Video Clip Producer: Qing

24 thoughts on “Final Countdown!”

  1. Actually, it was the 3rd Auditions,there were only 22 boys left. So the possibility is not that small.
    Just for fun calculation: (1/22 x 1/21) x 2 sides = 0.43%

  2. Yeah!!! 1 and Half hr more to go.!!! and we shall welcome 2008 and say GOODBYE to the wonderful 2007.

    Wish You Happy New Year and stay healthy and Popular wor… ^_______^

  3. DK,

    I truely agree with what you said… treasue life.. treasure people around us…our family and friends…

    Well wishes for you and your family. Have a smooth sailing year ahead and Happy New Year!!!


  4. hey happy new year…..hahas…..juz now at boonlay there still scold me say me keep take pic with u,,,,is my fren wan take oso ma…….haiz……=(…..

  5. Hahas!!!!! Fans was chasing like mad please! XD Artistes got special protection lah!XDDDD Win liao lor,nevermind all the crazy stuff,i still get to see felicia at mediacorp hahas!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD Today is the first time,i see her again,after i finish working as a cashier at carrefour lah.U funny lor,make me laugh my lungs out! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!





  6. hi dasmond
    ya thanks fer waving down ur car window and say happy new year…
    happy new year to you too (:
    think u knw who am i(:
    haha (:

    take care…

    all the best to a brand new year

  7. wow! best post i’ve ever read.. short n sweet.. n it’s inspiring.. woohoo.. thanks lot dasmond! happy new year anyway.. :p

  8. Walao eh!I thought they won’t put my interview in campus yummy hunt on tv lah,i didn’t know they really put lah,so pai seh please!!!! Cheryn one i knew they will put.My interview damn funny lor.Everyone laughing like mad.

  9. Me just came back from outside. Now then I’ve realised I have not yet drop my wishes. =)

    Happy 2008! Hope that Year 2008 will be a properous year for you.

    All the best.

  10. Yo !!
    *Jump down from the railing and take out my hand*
    Happy new year !!

    Haha…hope I didn’t freaked u out tat day when u and the rest were walking back to ur bus after the countdown event at boonlay.

    Haha..I am aso very surprised that when I was walking to a bus stop with my friend, we saw u in the bus again. Tot u all went the other way. Hahahaha

    Den, the bus stop is so full of people and so we walk down to the next one and we saw u all again. Hahahahaha.

    Ok..happy new year to u !! ^^

  11. best wishes for a bright, happiness, healty and beautiful 2008. happy new year. i have created a photo album for you but have not yet uploaded to youtube in case you don’t like it. haha.

    ( thanks… 🙂 – from 22 )

  12. HAHAHAS! wad a coincidence(: Btw, dasmond, will there be campus superstar 3 next year?

    ( close to end of the year I think…. from 22 )

  13. hello, dasmond!
    sorry, i’m a bit foolish, i could not find your email address here. i want to write a letter to you, you know, after being a fan of you for nearly ten years, i have a lot of words to say to you! could you tell me your e-mail address? sorry to bother you.
    however, i’m a still worried, do you have time to read all of your fan’s letters? if you do read, that must take a lot of your time.
    i always like your hosting, your word, you style, and yourself, is like fresh air, limpid water, green forest, path in the mountain, the morning after rain, you give me this feeling, you are always like a kind brother, encouraging us to fight for our lives, like the songs in 无印良品, i still remember the songs you played at 933.
    all the best!

    ( you can email to [email protected] – from 22 )

  14. wahlau ): i miss benjamin&shawn ic the competition times lehhhhhhhhh. hope css 3 comes soon. anw, shawn&benjamin has done us very proud and needledd to say, we love them loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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