Last 2 version…

I know you guys must be overdose by the clip thing… ha. Last 2 versions πŸ™‚

A big thanks you to all who have help out in doing the clip. Thanks again…

[youtube RWWq880cv_I&rel]
Produced by LK

[youtube ZRxcAADf9e0&rel]
Produced by Shufen

4 thoughts on “Last 2 version…”

  1. hey dasmond! Happy New Year! abit late… but nevertherless, is the “heart” tat counts.. =D
    How’s ur holiday? Saw all the clips and is really nice.. really helps to recap majority of the show u hosted!. Anyway, at one of the post which u took the pic of the cards u received… i saw mine!! yippee! hope you like it ar.. haha.. Jia You Jia You in whatever u do in this new 2008…Have fun and handsome! =D


  2. Happy New year. Nice clips. I like the last one by shufen the most:) more close up. lolx..

    Hope all ur new yr wishes come true n find your ms right soon πŸ˜‰


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