Loss of Wisdom…

wisdom tooth 003

Some says: Dun do it!!!
The others: Why not???

Some says: You gonna suffer hell lot, fever, can’t sleep can’t eat, swell, blah blah blah…
The others: Be a man!!!

So once I’m done with my filming in the evening, I dashed to the clinic… Within an hour, my wisdom tooth ( ‘saw‘ into bits and pieces, was out… ). The minor operation was simpler than what I thought, thanks to the skillful dentist Doc Daniel.

wisdom tooth 002

An hour had passed, I’m doing fine…

No pain killers yet… haha
q (‘ – ‘) p

Will let you guys and gals know if I’m dying…

note to Daniel: my sincere apology for being late for almost an hour, making you late for your course. Owe ya one!!! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Loss of Wisdom…”

  1. Omg! Are u sure u are fine by now? The 2nd photo look disgusting. Look like ur face is very red.
    After u are feeling alright u can eat the food u like. Jia you! U can do it de.
    Take care of urself, rest well & jia you!

  2. hey dasmond!

    I’ve attracted 2 wisdom teeth in Jan. Erm.. think your mouth will be a little swollen for a few days. Gotta eat something soft then.. Best to have some porridge. Hope you are doing fine! =)

  3. Well, you don’t die when removing your wisdom tooth, you will become wiser!

    Anyway, it is a sad day for me as I have accompanied my wife in an ambulance to the hospital and now she is warded. Doctors do not know what happen even after taking X-ray, blood tests, urine test … So they said she needs to be warded for further investigation.

    Now I am sitting all alone by myself … wondering aimless what to do so came here and see what is in your blog and typing away.

    I wish her for a fast recovery!

    ( Dun worry, she will be doing just fine… 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. Hi Dasmond, 1st time posting in your blog…hehehe

    extracting of wisdom tooth is not frightening at all…i think it was exaggerated by others in the past..

    i have extracted 2 already and both times i did not take any pain killer at all….no pain even after a few hours later…….maybe it’s my dentist that is good too…hahaha…

    for those who is still hesitating to extract or not, just do it……

  5. I think removal of a unwanted wisdom tooth is a lot more easier and more relax than removing a deep sad feeling in my heart now where I dun know how to express out even in my own blog now…. Tears seems can’t stopping somehow but I think sleeping might helps a bit ….

    Anyway, hope you are getting better from the tooth extract pain….

    ( I know it’s tough, but I’m sure the phase will pass in no time… be nice to yourself, let it go… – from 22 )

  6. reminds me of a few yrs back when i extracted mine.. still left another one which ‘pop’ out 1-2 yrs back, not sure if i should do it again… =x

  7. i had mine taken out last month and im allergic to the antibiotics given! i had rashes for a week. the pain didnt matter so much… going for the other side surgery soon. but my teeth arent so bloody like yours.

  8. OMG!! Dasmond!!! OMGG.. How many wisdom tooth is that? It seems like more than a couple of tooth!! *Faints. Cos most probably I will also be plucking out all my 4 wisdom tooth at end of this year too.

    OMG… This sight of it… scares mee.. Have the swollen-cheek subsided?

    Jiayou wor!!

  9. Ew..wisdom tooth, not one of my favourite in the world. still have both of them deeply embedded. and seeing this entry, i have to quickly bring my kiddo to extract his lower front milk teeth coz the adult teeth has started growing from the back!! i believe you must be better now and i hope my kiddo won’t scream at his extraction either.. e.

  10. Hi Dasmond

    Hope you are feeling better now..extracting out the wisdom tooth doesn’t sound so scary etc as I have friend who extract before, look ok but will be a bit swollen for a few days and it will be fine.. 🙂

    Anyway just feel unhappy cause of work..at times I wonder how to preserve on..I don’t have any motivation to move on each day..I just drag myself to work..I wish that I enjoy doing my work and love it so that I can progress on..I really have no idea how long I can hold on..so kind of grumble here 🙁
    Just sharing..

    Well take care!

    ( maybe you didn’t get the right job? finding something that you really like is important, that’s where the motivation is… 🙂 – from 22 )

  11. Well..maybe.. if I keep switching job, it won’t reflect well in my resume..actually the industry that I am in now is not bad..but being a secretary so kind of stress.. I don’t have any previous experience u see..perhaps still young haha..that why..22 this year..I guess I just work on and see how it goes..been working for a month already.. 🙂
    I agree that when you like your job, the motivation is there and you will look forward to it and perform better


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