Lost and Found

Time to time there’ll be some packing and unpacking work to do.
And this is usually the time that surprises might ‘pop’ up… ha

I guess most us cant live without hand phone now.
To the extend whereby we might feel lost for the whole day if we forget to bring it out.
But before hand phone, this is what we use…


Accidentally discover this in one of my sealed up boxes in the store room.

You might not have much association with it… or you are very familiar with it ( must be of a certain age lo u… ;p ). Which ever case it is, this shows how fast our society is moving…

This few days I have been rather busy. Not with work but watching Korean drama. Ha!
The Coffee Prince

coffee prince

Very funny show, very entertaining…
And Lang hor… sometimes very ‘kee siao’ one… After indulging into Korean drama for the past few days, I decided to go for Korean food for my dinner today!
See what I eat, ‘siok’ 1 lor…

( For the curious one… its Mana Korean Restaurant opp Far East Square… )


DSC00031 DSC00030

p/s: Star Awards Top 40 artistes will be announce tomorrow. I’ll try to snap some pics for you guys… 🙂

35 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. I know exactly where you can get great korean food! Le Meridien Hotel just next to Istana Park, at the foodcourt downstairs. The stall name is called Kim Dae Mun. It’s usually very crowded during the peak hours. DIE DIE MUST TRY!!!

  2. Coffe Prince is a pretty good drama. I’ve finished watching the whole set, but sometimes I just got too sian-ed at some scenes, especially the part where Goon-chan and the manager of the cafe (can’t remember the name) quarrelled when Goon’s actual identify was exposed. But still, nice show. Gorgerous casts (the coffee princes). v(*.o)

    PS: If anyone interested, can try watching through Veoh. It’s a free and legal website (from what I know) to watch/download dramas. =)

  3. I have also been hooked to korean drama recently after watching Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (now screening on chn 55. Highly recommended :> Now watching another korean drama Hello ! Miss / 你好,小姐, very funny show, not draggy like lot of korean drama.

  4. hahaha!i got kinda associate with pager too!i played with my parents’ ones when i am young.. but i am still young nw..bleahs!not of certain age..=] and old stuff really can make you reminisce of alot of things that has become part of history..but its a nice thing to do too!=] and..blog more!its always interesting entry..=]

  5. man the food look damn nice!~ hungry liao.. hahas.

    pager~ my dad used to use also… seemed so long time ago lah. but still rmb how to use.. haha…

  6. Hey if you love korean food, you should either try the one at Meridien Hotel’s Foodcourt or Furama Hotel. They are both manned by real koreans. However, Furama’s more like a restuarant, they have more food variety also. 🙂

  7. I’m neither too old or too young. But I used pager b4 too. But throw away mine liao in 1 of my spring cleaning cos can’t used and now we are in the handphone era liao. Btw, ur korean food looks nt bad too. My sis brought us to one shop near Red Dot Traffic building not bad too. But I can’t remembered the name of the shop, unless I asked her. Sorry! But sad also that I can’t eat any hard food now. Well, mayb see my diary and u will know why ba. 🙁

  8. yay. coffee prince rocks. a must watch. after all the teary and the usual storyline kinda dramas x)

    and yea, kim dae mun is good, but i wun say the best 🙂 still looking out.. ^^

  9. hahaha….manna rest is one of the top rated korean rest in singapore…hahaha….the food there never fails me…in fact, the staff there r real cool too….they r uber nice….cos i remember a time when shinhwa(korean band) came over to sg that week, i went there for dinner…when i chanced upon shinhwa concert poster there, the ahjumma there happily offered to pass me a new concert poster(cos she saw me staring at it)…hahhaa 🙂

    coffee prine…hahhaa…das, u have a great show there…it is one of the better korean drama at e mmt….it is light-hearted and nice….i will also recommended another korean drama – delightful choon hyang(2005 show)…a bit of melodrama there…but the music and e overall is quite good… 🙂

  10. The feeling is nice when you look back at memories and things that you kept in our ”sercet” box.

    I still have it there at my wardrobe. Everytime when I’m upset or really confused, I will take down and look at it. It really comfort me and calm me down.

    Some people said I’m pretty childish about my obession with stickers. But they are so pretty and when you look at those pretty little things, it really make your day! And now I’m obsess with pink!

  11. try ju shin jung next time if u enjoy korean food ya? its located at yess centre(West side, opp how par villa) and they hav one new outlet at east coast park.i personally find the food nicer den that of manna’s! service is good too! alot of koreans like to go, and not to mention local celebrities like zoe tay n more! go check it out!

  12. hi dasmond

    i m having the same pager last time too! haha. in those days, we are all so happy with just a pager. then have to find a public phone to return calls…those were the days.

    i think the korean food look nice too. can share the location? so the rest of us can try there too. and what is that soup?

    ( that’s not soup, steam egg lah… ha! – from 22 )

  13. i watch the korean version, its v funny. I will be show on Channel U soon…

    the tall guy who acted as a “stupid one” is so in love w “my chan”‘s sister is funny… he will do whatever she ask him to. And the lead actor jealously reaction… wow hahaha..

    If u have chance to watch the NG clips, its even more funny…

    now watching ” I am sam..”

  14. haha rong shao,
    u dun look like one who watch korean shows.
    hmm. i’m currently watching fashion 70s.. but have to pause due to exams. hah! will carry on watching after that. maybe u can try watching too! oh, my fren said ‘witch yoo hee’ is very funny!
    hao lah.. u take care yah!

  15. I am still using my pager as contact though I have a handphone.

    Unfortunately, Singtel told me that they are terminating my pager contract as there are no volume of users. So, guess I will be putting my pager at rest! Sob!

    Well, that is part of technology as the advance, we have to leave old things behind.

  16. Hi Dasmond & everyone,

    I’ve finished watching Coffee Prince and it was really good. If you guys are looking for more subbed Korean dramas, you can go to hoomie.com. They have tons of dramas and are quite up to date as well.

    Have a great day!

  17. Haha, I have that same pager as you too. After that, I switched to some Blue Jazz pager. Not sure whether it was called memo though. I was using both pager and handphone at the same time.

    Still remember the time when we had to memorise strings of number just to send numeric messages. It was later then we could send alphanumeric messages.

  18. hey there…

    ur site has been entertaining! and i do miss my pagar!! it’s been a while since i’ve even seen that device.

    the world’s moving too fast! but on the other hand, we’ll always have AWESOME LAH dramas to watch – like coffee prince! ^^


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