Campus SuperStar 2 – 0907 Result

Well, as much as whether you like it or not, another gal and guy is out of the campus superstar contest.


Next week, there will be the Revival Round!
6 gals, 6 guys.
Only 1 gal and 1 guy will make it to the Top 10.

Who will that be? Who will you vote?

13 thoughts on “Campus SuperStar 2 – 0907 Result”

  1. Yest when I saw the result say Guohao won, the camera showed some contestants who has been kicked out previously and I saw one guy said Fu** and all their faces changed,(I do not know anyone saw that) can see Guohao is not so popular among the peers afterall…

    Anyway, what’s the use of Guohao crying when he already go in?I dun support him cos he really cant sing….

    Well…for the revival round, I will vote for Shawn..he can sing n he’s adorable!A superstar to be! 😉

  2. Just dont like the results. Good ones are kicked out while those “not-so-good” ones got in. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what’s CSS is about? is it selecting the popular singer? or the potential singer?
    guo hao managed to got in despite he was the lowest during the 2 performances. Perhaps, its just his luck. but i dont think his lady luck will always with him.

  3. yes… guohao seriously cant sing for nuts. xing fu lei ren is such a nice song, but he spoil the whole feeling of the song is distored when he sang it. cant even dance well, and he wants to show off during the contest. i wonder how he got into top 20. he really needs to buck up alot. let’s pray hard for the revival round.

  4. aiyer, i feel that even though one of them said the word, it didnt mean that Guo Hao wasn’t ‘popular’ among the contestants.
    maybe they felt upset for Junjie or that maybe the voters didn’t do such a good job or that they think junjie deserves the shot more.
    give it a thought.
    Guo Hao felt sorry too.

  5. Although guohao didn’t really do well for the round…but i think he did improve from his last last round…

    I think Shawn will stand a chance…a BIG one to go in.

    As for girls…seems like a tough competiton. Jiajun, Huixian, Elaine.


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