Four Wheels

Suddenly got a strong urge of changing my car… dunno why…

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( Interview done 3 years ago… )

Early morning when I was filming Beautiful 25, my dear cameraman William out of the blue brought up the topic about cars…

When I was having late lunch with auntie Fong, she suddenly talked about it too…

And 1 of my polymates called me awhile back to ask for suggestion… cos she’s gonna change her car…


So ~qiao right?

Maybe I should really give a serious thought about it, downgrade my car…

9 thoughts on “Four Wheels”

  1. R u kidding?? one of my fav car is CRV!!..hw i wish i own one..but can only afford subaru R1..what sorta car do u wanna downgrade to? im nt sure abt crv, but is the oil consumption high, or other maintenance high dats y u wanna change?

  2. Yo yo bro !

    In the past, i used to think that you should change your car. But now.. i think this car has become a symbol of you. It almost seem to represent the personality/character of you.

    but if you really wanna sell, sell to me la !! (“,)

  3. ?? ! ????? Dasmond ?? downgrade ??? , ?????????????? , ????? , ???? !
    ?? Auntie ????????? , Why not downgrade to ???? ! ???? ! or ???? ! ????? , ?? , ?? , ? “??” what you think ? sooner or later sure change one lah ! dont pity for him .


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