Be Happy

dasmond angel

When I was lying on my bed, about to end a long and tiring day, an angel appeared in front of me, asking me what’s my wish for tomorrow.

I stared at the ceiling.
Different thoughts run through my mind…

Then, I turned to the angel and said:

I’m fine. Dun worry about me.
I’ve been blessed with everything I could have ask for 🙂
But please take care of people I lurve,
and make them happy everyday.

7 thoughts on “Be Happy”

  1. hi Dasmond Koh,

    First time going into ur blog…n i enjoy myself very much..n yes..ur hse is very beautiful n cosy…hee

  2. Being happy is a choice. Everyday, we face competitions & under pressure from different sources. We hardly find the time to smile heartily.


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