Cant get to sleep yesterday, so decided to work a bit on photoshop. Dun read too much into it. I’m cool. I simply put together the picture I quite like and the wording I always feel rather meaningful.

Misunderstoodsoon you will understand.

21 thoughts on “Misunderstood”

  1. =) waahh not bad wors. i wish i could photoshop like you! =) this poster you made really looks worthy to be a promotion poster for some movie! the words are meaningful too. =D

    take care.

  2. I’ll be the first to response your post ! haha , hmm
    i believe artise also have misunderstanding too

    Happy & Blessed Christmas ok ?
    tmr my birthday (seriously) ~
    must give me b’dae present ^^ jkjk

  3. Anyway..Yea..everyone would have mistakes..whats important is the process of learning from it..And btw..Thanks for the book..I received ur christmas gift..Thanks!!

  4. Hello Dasmond!

    I’m home now, 1am. I walked into my room and saw a brown and thick envelope. Within seconds, I just have a thought that it’s from you! Really didn’t expect you to send it to everyone since there’re like hundreds of us. Anyway, congratulations to your Top 10 and all the best in your new year ahead!

    Thanks for the Christmas gift once again! Merry Christmas!

    Sze Ling

  5. Hi Dasmond koh,

    I received ur x’mas present le!! Thanks lotz…I meant it. Really appreciated it. I’m so happy when i received it and found ur signature inside the present. Thanks

  6. To all who received Christmas gift, wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Of course, wishes goes to all who didn’t receive Christmas gift. It is the thought that matters most of all.

    Hey Dasmond, you are pretty good with photoshop. Nice picture! It captured your feeling of that moment.

  7. haha.. saw u at jubilee last night… 是!不用怀疑,就是我! the one who approached u n thank u for e xmas gift ..

    还记得’多年’前我都是特地去你的活动看你的,所以昨天的巧合也算有缘。 哈哈哈!回想当你还是dj的时候,我还蛮’siao’你的咯… 哈哈哈。。好啦,不说废话了。。take care 喔!

    Oh ya, n my card is still on its way to u.. haha..

  8. Thanks alot for your christmas present.
    I have juz read it… 看了很有感触,也有一些新的领悟。谢谢你!=)
    The pic is nice!
    Its really fun to play around with the pic,esp seeing the outcome.满足感。One pic, with diff “accessories” brings out different meanings/feel.

  9. ya.ur photoshop is really veri cool !! It is so nice. N how i wish i will receive a present from you too. Merry christmas and happy new year.stay happy always.!!

  10. Hi Dasmond~ (ignore the previous mail =X typo_ pspsp x)

    First of all~~ thanks u so much for ur lovely xmas pressie :D~ tat’s a lovely book.

    I didn’t reallie expect to receive such a great gift from you 😀
    One of the best xmas pressie i ever received. And thanks for putting in the effor to write and send the
    bk out 😀 great efforts done~

    Secondly~ gratz for making to Star Awards Top 10 Male Artist~ 😀 Jia You wor~

    Lastly~ MERRY XMAS~~ and HAPPY New Yr :D~~


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