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  1. oh! it was great to see this clip since i was unable to watch in Korea! hahaa~ anyway, thanks for the book Dasmond!!! my sisters were so excited when they saw the book and couldnt wait to inform me since I’m still not back in SG yet! ^_^g

    congratulations and merry christmas to u!!! =)

  2. congrats to the star awards! u must b very very happy i guessed haha…continue to excel in ur career! all da best! an advanced merry merry xmas to u n ur family! *jingle jingle jingle*

  3. Congrats Zhang Yao Dong and Bryan Wong. Wooooooooooooootttttts, so happy!

    Especially, Zhang Yao Dong, Its the first time for him. Really congrats him.

  4. i was so excited to hear your name tat night, i was jumping up & down after tat. then right after u was Elvin, which also made me very excited. woos. ((:

  5. yeah lor…
    u talked too little! but.. wadever u said are meaningful words lah.. so i think.. it’s ok lah~
    haha. hope you can get in next yr too! oops! issit too far away? haha
    anyway, merry x’mas!! =)

  6. hey dasmond ytd i miss the address of the sheng siong to post to go and watch sheng siong show……can tell me again???…..nid to write both its address and mine rite

    ( I dunno also… haha! wait till I find out then let you know …. – from 22 )

  7. happy for u, Dasmond, tat u made it to the star award top ten,U DESERVE IT !!
    was away in Japan for 2 weeks, home only last evening
    managed to catch the repeat telecast tis afternoon
    while happy tat Mark got the best host award,(he is good in his own style)
    would be much happier had GuoLiang got it, felt quite sad for him.
    Dasmond,hopefully u will be one of the nominees for best host 2008 star award

    ( Thx… 🙂 – from 22 )

  8. Hi ZhenRong,

    Thanks for the xmas gift!

    U r so talented!

    After reading the book, I went online to search abt u (paiseh Im only a fan of urs in the recent yrs as I wasnt into chinese songs and shows in the past).

    Ever since then, I can’t get u out of my mind!! *dun ask me why*

    You looked better now w shorter hair! So handsome!!

    At the star awards, you looked great but but… …. something is missing… … tt usual confident, natural, charming persona of yours (think you’re too stressed out, is it?)

    So next yr, remember to keep flashing ur megawatt smile (like u always do in the shows u hosted), ok?!

    can’t-get-u-out-of-my-mind fan

  9. happen to be at home yesterday
    and happen to remember that star awards is repeating on channel 8 ydae
    so i tune in to watch star awards thru TV again
    the moment I switch on, it was already going to given TOP 10 Male and Female artiste
    i was like “thanks! and oh my!” and next was luckily i did not miss it
    so i quickly on the TV volume so that I can heard your name been call again
    and thank god! truly really that your name was been called by Show Luo Zhi Xiang
    seeing you get the award, I was so happy like hell
    aniwae i am glad to see you get into the Top 10 again and get the Top 10 award again
    hope that in the future, you were be like Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Chew Chor Meng, Chen Liping and Huang Wen Yong dun have to get the Top 10 awards again

    oh ya! i saw your colleague, bryan wong at Sun Plaza yesterday
    i was like cannot believe it lol
    i thought my eyes got problem
    i actually can see bryan wong at my place that Shopping center down there lol
    truly really see him at there
    he actually went there is to have fun with the people there
    i mean play games with the people here and watch the performance there too
    anyway, i am happy and glad to see you both had get the Top 10 Male awards
    last for all and once again, congratulations to you and bryan wong!

    today is x’mas eve!
    wishing you a merry x’mas and happy new year!

  10. hi zheng rong been 1 of ur loyal follower since ur 933 days happy that you got into top 10 stay happy always and have a merry xmas and a gd 2008

  11. dasmond!!! i received the book from you TODAY! on xmas!! THANK YOU~~ :):) it must have been v ex to mail a book to taiwan. so gan dong~~ *take tissue and blow nose* xie xie ni, will cherish the book de.

    merry christmas!


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