Any kind soul out there who has got some time to spare, and knows how to put a song and some pictures together into a nice clip? Free hor… I dun intend to pay…. ahahaha :p

( pls provide me with your email add for contact if you think you can help… Thx ah… )

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  1. hey thanx for the xmas pressie n wishes! i’ve received it! =D

    u can either use windows movie maker or some other programs tat can be downloaded online.
    jus insert those pics and the songs u wan to, and drag it to the timeline. (for WMM)

  2. you can try using slide.com. it is pretty easy. all the instructions are there. by the way, congrats for getting the top ten male award:) merry christmas in advance

  3. i may try to help…cos recently i did a short film…so may be related and can help!!!and also i accepted your “gift” liao!Dun Mind doing it for free…i treat as volunteer work…hahaha

  4. photostory has better transitions and functions than window movie maker (for photos). however, if you want to include short videos into your clip together with the pictures, guess window movie maker is the choice.

  5. hello dasmond!!
    you can use windows movie maker if you want it as a file.
    if you just want to post it online.
    can try slide.com or rockyou.com (:

    with regards and love

  6. Hi Dasmond, I’ve received your present. Thank you so much. It was a ncie surprise as I was only expecting a simple card. Didn’t expect it to be a present. You’re really putting so much effort into it. Was very touched to see the book. Thank you once again! (Sorry, can’t help with the pic and music thing. Not IT savvy at all.)

  7. hello~ Sharon here.. i have received ur card cum gift.. wahaha… is a surprise! =D you really efficient leh… haha… anyway, do look for my mail to you too k.. haha.. oh ya.. if u need help in making the photo montage,,, jus feel free to get me =D

    Merry X’MAS!! =D

  8. ops.. forgot to say… CONGRATULATION!! you deserve the “shi da”… cos we can see… u really put in effort in ur show… =D jia you jia you…

  9. haa comes to IT stuff i’m definitely worse than u lor, though cant be of any help bt wanna say a BIG THANK YOU for e surprise, realli didnt expected tt.. although alreadi bought a copy to support u, am still thrilled to receive tis copy frm u…i showed it off to my family members immediately (aft steppin into e house frm e letterbox) yo..they were like real or nt!!?? kekeke nvrtheless MERRY XMAS TO U too!! & Wishing u a Better n Happier 2008! With blessings n warmest rgds..

  10. hi dasmond, thankyou for the really pleasant surprise.
    was wondering who it was from initially since there were no return address and the parcel was sure heavier than the usual card. haha.
    once again. THANKYOU (:
    very much appreciated. really. it must have took you a lot of time writing all that addresses & signing it off..

    congratulations for making it into the top 10!
    may your christmas be a really blessed one, filled with lots of joy & love. enjoy the holidays!

  11. Dasmond!

    Have received your book already, THANK YOU so MUCH! Din expect it to be a book.
    This is really a GOOD X’mas present!

    THANKS MAN! =)

    By the way, if you need help in making a clip, please do not hesistate to email me =D Really hope that I can help!

    Cheers and Take Care 😀

  12. Wow! you actually sent your book to each of your fans here? You really very sweet leh..
    I should have requested for a “xmas card” from you too. hee hee..

    Sorry, can’t help you with the song and picture thingy. I can’t even edit an audio clip 🙁

  13. I do such videos quite often, so if you do need my help, just drop me a mail. Besides, I’ve been bored to death at home these days.. Would be glad to help you ! =)

  14. Oh ya, I’ve also received your book.. So sweet of you ! I expected just a card actually.. But thanks anyway ! Merry christmas in advance to you too =)


    These are the 3 words to describe after receiving and opening the X’mas gift. You’ve really caught me off handed. I never expected that you are giving out the books as X’mas present.


    These are the 3 thank yous I wanna say. There are no other words I can put it across. It is one of the great presents that I have received. I will treasure and value this heartwarming gift.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy well… and march to Year 2008…

  16. HEEE! HELLO! I don’t know how to that, but just thought of dropping by to congratulate you with your win! (: Hee! Simply simply love your hosting & (oldtimes) radio shows. JIAYOU ah!


  17. Hi Dasmond,

    I have received ur present. It is really a pleasant surprise from u. Thank you so much. And i really love it.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes in 2008

  18. Thanks alot for the present n xmas wishes! Didn’t really expected it, it was so sweet of you. Have a blessed christmas and a great 2008 ahead.

  19. Congrats for being in the top 10 🙂 and thank you very much for the Xmas gift 🙂 Anyway, feel free to contact me regarding the help u needed 🙂 I am also in the line of production 🙂

  20. Recently, I did some movie clips for my graduation day and it was quite a success. You’re free to put any pictures you want and add some music as background music. As for the music, you can also cut away the excess music until where you pictures end in the slides.

    Anyway, I’ve been a good fan of you for almost 6 years ever since u started out at a DJ at YES 933FM. Next, as you grew up into an outstanding young TV host, I must say you’re really good! I love your shows especially Just Shoot 3!.

    Keep Up, Dasmond!

  21. Hi Dasmond, I should be able to help too if it is not too huge the amount of pix. I am a Mac user and I use iMovie. Do you want it cut into DVD or just for website posting? Please feel free to drop me an email to discuss further how I can help.

  22. It’s alright that you did not send a card to me
    But over here, I shall give a greeting to you
    This is the early greeting given by me:

    Dasmond, Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!

  23. looks like your ren yuan not bad, quite alot of people volunteering to help ah? hahaa =PP

    received ur book in the mail today! was a pleasant surprise cuz i expected a card, not a package. opened up the envelope and stared at the book for a moment, still thinking if i participated in some competition and forgot all about it. only realised until i flipped open and saw your autograph.

    but anywayys. thanks loadds for the christmas present! and for making the effort. =DD

  24. eh, wonder if u’ll reply me ma… hahahaha~!! there’s really alot of softwares in the market available for u to create ur very own short movie clip. Like for example, Adobe Premiere Pro2.0, Windows Movie maker etc. And as for online, u can use….slide.com…. hahaha~!! anyway, hope to hear from u sooon although u r a “da mang ren” in MediaCorp…. *hugs&kisses*

  25. hey dasmond, u need help is it? i think i can help u do it. anyway i’m pretty free these few days haha. if u wan jus send me an email, i will help u then. haha advance merry christmas and stay happy! cheers =D

  26. WMM always hang when I use it… slide can’t include sound clip… hai… and now, I can’t even zip my pictures and sent to people who can help… arrgh…..

  27. I think I ever use this~ it’s good except for the big file size…. select the photos or pictures u want….then add in the song and u can choose how long u want each pic to stay on the screen when the song runs…. I use that to create clip to upload to YouTube last time 🙂

  28. hey ya dasmond. I’m super random and I have no idea why am I writing a comment. Whatever th case is, I just wanna say I’m a big fan of you and I went to bedok just to see you yesterday and I was standing right infront of you! 😡 . Anyways drop me a mail ! And, marry x’mas in advance, I love your shows seriously :F

  29. Hi there Dasmond, Congrats on being in the top 10! You looked great that day. Anyway, read on your blog that you are using a MacBook? They have really cool applications which you can use. For instance, iMovie is a great tool which contains plentiful of functions to create your clip. =)

    Btw, what present is everyone talking about? hahaa…

  30. hello dasmond.
    u could try using Macromedia Flash 8? it can put sound + pictures together (:
    tried before, so maybe u want to try it as well?

  31. hello!! thanks so much for the present (: din expect it to be a book. so million thanks. and jia you for everything. and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (:

  32. sometimes WMM will hang if ur files are too big or if you’ve added too many things in… smth tt happened to me some time ago was tt i finished up my whole video, only to realise tt cannot export. -.-

    hmm about zipping ur files, what trouble are you hving with the zipping? maybe u try to explain in detail, we’ll see if we can help…


  33. Hey dasmond,

    Thanks for the ‘big surprise’ and congrat too..

    Anyway, if you still need help do drop me a mail and I can help you ya?

  34. hey dasmond thanks for the book! 😀 i thought it would be a card haha..
    i’m so happy
    by the way, i’m in advance diploma of mass communications now.
    i’ve learnt in television and radio production.. produced movie clips also..
    i can help you with combining photos with a song into a clip =]
    drop me an email if you think u want me to help ya? =]
    all the best!

  35. oh btw i saw someone wrote that it came in a envelope? but.. mine was juz the book sitting in my mailbox… i was still thinking wads that. until i saw ur signature.. and.. i was wondering with no address how it was sent in.. was it the post office who opened the envelope?!!!!!

  36. files that cant be zip and sent to friends.. perhaps u can upload individually onto photobucket.. on photos server etc.. for people to download.. fortunecity.com are able to upload files.. for people to download.. thats the website which i usually ask my students to upload their files when creating websites.. all you need is an email address to register..

  37. Hi Dasmond, Congrats on getting into the Top 10!

    Should you need any help in making a Photo Montage, can email me. I should be able to assist.

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


  38. Hi Dasmond, regards to your question. Some tips for u as follows: 1st, if you are using Apple brand Mac Computer, you can’t use Microsoft softwares. The brand has some special features that only allow u to use their authorised softwares only. 2nd, if you want to do photo slides with music or songs, I think you can use IPhoto, which is their Apple brand software for doing photo slides with music. Btw, I’m not sure how to use IPhoto but I think you have to pay for using this software. Do check with your vendor and see if I’m corect cos these info are from my colleague while we are talking today. Hope these info will help you solve your problem. 😉

  39. Hi Dasmond,
    If you really wants to make nice video using music, the easiest is to use Window Movie Maker. As they have guidelines for you to follow. I’ve done a few video before using that it turns out to be really nice becoz u can do effect to the videos.

  40. Hellos.
    I am a blogskinner who creates skins for the puclic.
    I am rather interested in helping you out in creating a movie with music .
    I also suft around photoshop cs3 .
    It’s quite useful and do email me if you need my help .
    And obviously, i dont charge people 😀
    I do it out of my own sake and it’s my joy to help other xD


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