Stay Green!

This was one of the comment I received recently.
Thanks to you!! I won the ipad… *happy*!! from Y.Wen

Why not me! haha!

In case you are wondering what’s happening, The previous round of the BCA Green Building Exhibition’s Facebook contest, iPad was the prize I’m eyeing for… lol…

What’s the exhibition about? To give you a chance to take a look at how green homes can safe money simply by applying green tricks learn over there. Also, there’s game suitable for friends and families like “Help Beco Grow Contest” where you have to form teams with anyone there to try to stack boxes up.

Stack2 Stack1

And now… the BCA Green Building Exhibition is back!

Date: 11 to 14 November 2010
Venue: Compass Point at Seng Kang
Time: 12 noon to 8pm

wb DD Weibin and CK will be there on the 13th Nov, 12noon 🙂

Eco Bags will also be given out this time round too… 🙂

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (1)

Go cut out the coupon from Today newspaper. Or if you are into Facebook stuff, click here! to visit BCA Facebook Page cos they will be announcing a secret password on 8th Nov, collect it and then head down to the exhibition counter, tell the staff the secret password and collect the limited edition Eco Bag!

Before I go, rem to check out the Top 10 entries of the “My Green City, My Green Home” Canvas Bag Design Competition displayed at Compass Point.
This competition is open to all secondary schools and aims to create awareness amongst students about the effects of climate change on the built environment and hence our quality of life. Go thru the top 10 entries and make a guess who’s gonna be the winner! Result will be announced on 11th November!

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