Thank you…

Thank you… for being around all these time…
Thank you… for giving me the chance to do what I like…

To mark my 15th year into entertainment industry, I’ve launched this book…

Book 2

Using the pictures I’ve taken in Spain, to share some of the thoughts of mine.

Selling price of the book S$28.
You can order the book simple by sending your name and address to [email protected], and it will be mailed to you.


Thanks to my kind sponsor, these will be included in the book…

feet Press
$10 off Massage Voucher from Feet Press

Tavolo Voucher
Complimentary Italian Piadina for every main or pasta dish order & in-house lucky draw from Tavolo Italian Crusine

The ambience at Tavolo is nice, enjoyed myself pretty much there… Although it might be a little, just a little difficult to get there ( Parco Millenia ),
but the affordable price and nice food makes everything worth the while 🙂

Tavolo ambience

at Tavolo

tavolo 2

tavolo 1

This is important…. there will be a coupon with serial number in the book.
That coupon will entitle you to attend a ‘Thank you! Tea Time Gathering…” in late January and that coupon gives you a chance to win one of these product proudly sponsored by Canon!

Canon PowerShot G12 worth $849

Canon PowerShot S95 worth $669

Canon Selphy CP 800 worth $199

Lucky Draw will be conducted during the Thank you session 🙂
Don’t think there’ll be a lot of people buying this book, so your chances of winning something should be quite high… ahahaa!
Better than you buy 4D or wait for us to pick you in 百倍!百倍!

Last of all… thank you once again… for your support…

12 thoughts on “Thank you…”

  1. Hi Dasmond koh, Finally the day has come… I have been waiting for ur book for quite some time… I still cant log in to admin@dasmondkoh,com to place an order… Pls let me know how thru email…. Miss u so much.. Take care

    ( aiyo, that’s an email add… haha… you send an email there not log in lah… ;p . Will get them to send you an email… – from 22 )

  2. Hey Dasmond! I just gotten your book at Rock!! Was so hoping to get ur autograph!!! But din see u ard…
    ( must be inside the auditorium doing the Canon show… see you at the tea session? 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. Hi rr,

    i jus checked out the book at popular, could not find. so u will hv autograph session at e tea-time gathering? all who buy the book can attend?

    ( yeap… you can buy the book by sending an email to [email protected]… 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. Yes, got the book at canon event today and it is really worth buying.. Dasmond instead put in alot of effort on this book.. do grab a copy if you have not done so *^_^*

  5. “Tavolo Italian Crusine ” restaurant is so near to my workplace….just less than one minute walk.. haha.. so easy to go this place… i anytime can go n eat~ 🙂

  6. i also got the book at the canon event too~ it is worth to buy it! Haha.. looking forward “Thank you! Tea Time Gathering”! Haha.. 🙂

  7. hi dasmond!

    I won yr book from xinmsn! But i looked through the entire pages and I just couldn’t find any coupons with any serial number… i wan to go for the tea gathering… =(



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