Campus Superstar 2 – 1st Semi Final (Female)!

The Top 10 list of Campus Superstar 2 was out last week, which means, from this week onwards, we’ll be kicking off with the semi-finals.

First to start is the Female Category.

Who’s gonna make it through?

Who’s gonna be knocked-out?

I’m really a ‘blind deer’… which means, ‘no-eye-deer’… ( lame hor, luff it off la ;P )

female 1st semi

3 thoughts on “Campus Superstar 2 – 1st Semi Final (Female)!”

  1. bonjour.. jus hope the winner will be the one who will have some technique in singing n they will learn from their mistakes..good the luck to them.

    heh today’s moon still in scorpio,if your day passes by without any conflict wth pple,or u r not feeling overly emotional..then count yourself lucky..guess tue n wed the moon will be moving to sajitarrius already,might feel some restlessness inside, so juz try to calm yourself down durin work! its only afew days,it will pass very fast 1!

  2. Today met you in the morn on 23 Jul & saw u hosting Campus Superstar2. So wondering if you do have a blog too as it is an ‘IN’ thing recently I noticed. Well, do happened to find it. So juz pop in here to say hi to u and thanks for the help today if you still remembered. ^v^


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