Her birthday was last week… and all was busy…


To make it up, we decided to do a post celebration for our dearest Lingzhi tonight…
A simple slice of cake, but it’s the tot dat counts ya….


blowcake blowcake1

sNapShots… sNapShots… sNapShots
( As you can tell from the number of turnouts, she’s not well like, every1 got their excuses for not coming… poor Lingzhi… ;P )

grp2 grp1

NeXt… the drinking session…


Presenting to ya… the female version of ??!!!


And since it’s her birthday, and feeling sOooo good, she decided to give away presents!
10 pieces of our book to be given away!!! YeaH!!! hahaha


Just post in the comment and tell us why should you be the lucky one… if you can back yourself up with a good reason, we’ll email you for your addy and post the book to you!… do try ok? if not she will think she already got no friends, and now no fans somemore… : (

53 thoughts on “?????”

  1. I want to have “Dang Xia de Huai Yi” cos I love to indulge myself in memories of my beloved ones, the moment only “lives” there and then, no second chance.
    At times, I wish I can re-live that moment and make up for that bad moment or make a better, sweeter memory. Thats why I deserve to have a copy of “Dang Xia de Huai Yi” , re-live my moment, treasure my loved ones and friends once again.

  2. I should be the lucky one because I want Lingzhi to know that she still has FANS around! If I get the book, we’ll both be HAPPY! =D

  3. I WANT I WANT!!! cause i’ve been 933’s zhong shi ting zhong since primary sch… and liked both of you as 933 DJ!!! wahaha…

  4. Because….now I can no longer hear Lingzhi on radio, so I would like very much to have her words on book!. And yeah, badly need you to prove that this is no April Fool’s joke. 😛

  5. i wan~~~~~ although i alrdy gt one~ but i wan with signature de~~~ more zhen gui~~~ cos cos cos i always like listening to YES 933 esp the programme that u or ling zhi “host”~ no matter where ling zhi is, i jus feel that her voice is the best~ and she really suits to be a dj~ lols~ ling zhi, many ppl still supporting u so dun worry u hv no fan~ im one of ur fan~ lols~ and dasmond, blog more often hor~ =D

  6. i want to have a copy of that book because im LINGZHI’s FAN!! i miss her yin yue re ji so muchy. sigh. thou no more YYRJ i’ll still support her and now there’s Dang Xiao Hui Yi!! and both of you guys rocks the entire 933.

  7. i think i WANT d book cos:

    1. i totally love yyrj (have d albums, no kiddin got fotos as proof)
    2. i enjoyed d programmes & slots tt u guys hosted during ur stint wif yes
    3. i MISS YYRJ & lingzhi =(

  8. It’s becos it’s her birthday, and she wanna share her happiness by giving out limited number of her precious books, so I wanna be one of her lucky frds to have it! Let her know tt I love her ????alot. And she still look the same as before~ young young, hehe.

    And also, it’s good tt her career has stepped up beautifully now. Happy for her too.

    The most attractive reason WHY i hope to have the book is, it has BOTH of u 2 autographs on it! Wah…. I wan I wan! I also wanna read this book, which is written with both of ur effort. Must be meaningful stories to share 🙂

  9. I want a copy too!! I am a fan of Lingzhi! I still remember I listen to her last morning show on 933 and cried.. 🙁 I miss her voice soo much! I still support her now that she is in another station. 😛

  10. ????????, ????????????????, ????????. ????????, ???????????????. ???????, ????, ?? ?????????????????,??????????????.

    ??????? !!! ???????? !!!

    ????, ?????????????????!!!

  11. because i am the number one fan of both who always choose to give moral support no matter what you guys do! yes, only moral support cuz everytime tried to call in 933 but failed to get thru one leh!! give me the bk, i go diving with u. bwahahaha!

  12. i want the book can? please? since i was young i like listening to 933. i miss ling zhi’s Music Diary. and i still remember dasmond’s the night is still young! having this book will be relieving the memories again. i really want the book. Thank you very much! 🙂

  13. hahaha… dont know abt lingzhi, but u sure do stlil have fans/friends reading ur blog , from the comments u r getting? lol…

    but anyway, u both r great la, so i guess e bk shld be nice too !! haha… (:

  14. The first time I listened to YES 93.3 was Your(Dasmond) programme. It was during my pri. sch times. Your programme is the one that I would bring my radio around wherever I go. Ever since the first time I listened to YES 93.3, it has been a routine to me, even till now. Also LingZhi’s programme especially Music Diary and last time morning de Wan Ren Mi is also another one that I liked, her laughter keeps me awake in the morning. Although I already had this book – A Moment In Time ??????, but when I bought that book I realised that I had missed the autograph session, the time when I bought ?????? is the day after the autograph session. Is not that I did not want to go the autograph session but is just that I did not have any news about the autograph session so I missed it. So if can, I realy hoped that I can get this autographed de ??????. I promised if I got this book, I would keep the book in good condition and would not abandon the book. I would also treat the book as a very important thing to me. =)

    ? – ????????????DJ? – ????????????DJ????????????????? ??????????????????
    ??????????????, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????Penny?????????????“????”????????????????“???”?“??”????

  15. Hey!

    I think i do need the book bcos I dont Ling zhi to think that she is so lonely ah, without any fans around…. Haha.. kidding…. Look at her fan’s base in all channels esp. during the season when she hosted the Ying Yue Ri Ji…. It was ever so touching by making me to tune in to 933 and listen to the episodes…. And not forgetting about Mr. DK, i have never forgotten th way u tio “suan” by pple on air or when u try to “suan” pple back ah… and also the 2am Smuffy song too… hahA.. i jz missed all these wonderful memories…

    Since you been gone, jz hope to carry this “memorable book” written by the two of you, capturing all the wonderful memories of the two of you….. Last but not least, happy belated bd to Ling Zhi…. Take Care…= )

  16. Yesterday I downloaded the smurf song from your site as my mobile ringtone and it bring back alot of memories… today i hope i will be selected to have the honor of having the book to double my memories….. anyway, just to say, Desmond & Lingzhi – JAI YOU!!

  17. i want it for my friend, huiling.
    issit possible?
    i knew that she love lingzhi lots.
    especially the programme ‘????’
    those episodes were so touching.
    that she always stay tune for the programme.
    but ever since she left yes933.
    she and many others couldn’t listen to that programme.
    if she ever receive ‘?????’
    i am sure she will be very touched.
    as the book comes with lingzhi and yours signature.

    and TAKE CARE yahs. (:

  18. ???
    ?N-??????933? ??????????????????????933????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. I want the book becos U are handsome, Lingzhi is pretty…. I love the both of you… I love Ying yue ri ji, i love the show you host…. ok la ok la… End of the day… I want the book… haha… can can??? please!!!!!! hee..

  20. “dang xia de hui yi” reminds me abt my buddies..my frens..going to leave me soon..jus graduate frm sec. sch.. all going separate ways..all going diff polys..going diff JC.. memories..will leave in my bottom of my heart..especially .. my 4 year buddy cum classmate..always staying by my side..helping me on my studies..teaching me wat is right wat is wrong.. if i haf the chance to get tis book..”hui yi” will always reminds me..

  21. Though I have already got a copy of the book, I still want a copy of it. Since the book is a combined effort of the 2 of you, having the autographed copy will be much more meaningful. ???????????????????????

  22. yo!! 🙂 ??????????????????????????????????????????“??DJ???”????????ok? ???? ??
    ??933???1003????????????????????????????ermm..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????! ???????? 🙂 ???????????“???? ”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????! ??????????????“??????”,??????????.. ????..PS: ?????????????,??????????????..???

  23. Remembering the days when the both of u were still djs in 933. U shared with us your laughters, your cries and your personal feelings. Both of u have ur individual stand, which created alot of commotion in the studio. It really make us (listeners) laugh till pengz. Despite both of you have left 933, i am glad that you are still pursuing your dreams in the entertainment industry. Hope you two will continue to climb higher and be happier too. Last but not least, I do hope to have the “dream book” which capture the life journey and personal thoughts of the two of you and share them with my fellow friends and peers. Best wishes! = )

  24. Hi, I really wish to have this book as I really miss Lingzhi’s voice in FM933. She is a nice pretty lady and somehow from her voice can fee that she is ????She is one who make u feel at ease to confide to.

  25. ???????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    ~ ??RiN:: ~

  26. hey..i really wish to have one of those books authored by lingzhi and you!!i am also a great fan of yours…and yes…i’m surely one of the ardent fan of yes933..even up till now…!!=)

    i heard that lingzhi and you published a book last year and much as i want a copy of it,i didn’t get a copy as i thought i shouldn’t ask for more pocket money from my parents to buy that book…(i was in JC2 last year and of course i’m still not finiancially independent yet…most of my pocket money went to my transportation,food and of course those stacks and stacks of notessssssssssss….lol!!!)so i couldn’t really save much…

    though now i have some money of my own to spare,there’s no more of it on sale anywhere!sobsob..

    and now awaiting for my university entry,i thought i’m now quite free to do my own reading and stuffs before school starts for me again..i really hope to read that book by lingzhi and you!(of course the signitures are bonus to me..=D )

    in any case,just to let you all know that you guys surely created positive impacts in my life in one way or another..be it by the the programmes on air or on tv…i’ve learn to strive on and work hard just like what you all have done..take good care..=D

  27. hi dasmond, how have things been for you? i was wondering where and how i can purchase the book, i really like it very much but i only have a copy.. wanted to get a few more with your signature as presents to my friends. please let me know.. thanks

  28. i listen to 933 from young….last time always listen until 2 den sleep…i love yin yue ri zi too…last time is becos dasmond always zhu chi nitex time de that why i stay up so late to listen cos i really like him….anyway it’s my 21st birthday 5 more days later….let me have it as prezzie hao ma? =P

  29. wa ten books soo many responses oo soo many ppl miss u guys 🙂 so many ppl just miss u on radio even till now so many ppl still wish that u would go mary’s night prog as guest 🙂 u guys jia you!

  30. Hi Das, thanks! I received the book today as my birthday gift! Wanna thank both you and Ling Zhi for this special birthday gift and I will treasure it. 🙂

  31. AHHHHH!!!!!LINGZHI!I MISS HER MAN I MISS THE DAY SHE WAS A DJ FROM YES 933!Now she is no longer a DJ from YES 933 already SAD!YES 933 ROCKS ALL THE WAY!Forever YES 933 fan! =) Jia you!

  32. Dasmond, ?????????? ??????????????????????


    ???‘????’???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? – ??????????


  33. where did ?? went to?..
    i started to remember only when i saw ur post about ?? even though its like so long ago..
    i like the radio programme she used to host but its not around anymore..so sad..


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