After running around for the whole day, i finally manage to sit down in the evening for a proper dinner (celebrating in adv our dear friend Adelyne’s bday…) and guess what we do after dat?…

Busy snapping pictures… I gotta admit it was pretty fun…

Snapshots! Snapshots!

Me and my bro Philip

Adelyne and Yilin

I seriously think I put on weight… look so ~bui~ like got no ??…

A note to YiLin:- Forget it, really… being happy is more impt…
Forget it... really...

End of the day, we decided to do some exercise for our hands… And yes! This is my set of black tiles the papers had been mentioning!!! Nice! Nice!!!

13 thoughts on “1..2..3..POSE!”

  1. So envy…….. 🙁 how i wish i can join you guys……. people who reached 30s, most of them grow fat…..cos metabolism slows down….. so better exercise regularly yeoh…….
    hee heeee…… 😛

  2. To Joanne – ha, yeap, the guy in orange is Patrick. So you know him… small world man… 😉

    For those who are interested in the black mj tiles… got it as a house warming gift so dunno where exactly my friends bought it. Some where in Balestier I think… Any1 who bought the tiles reading this???

  3. The black tiles… When you travel along balestier towards CTE, it at the begining of the road where you turn left to hit whampo market. Right side hor, next to it is a old vintage roti shop… $50 i think… happy hunting…

  4. For those who wana get the black majong tiles but unable to locate the place

    Below is the exact address (very near my house, haha)
    Hor Yit Meng Trading Co.
    No. 6 Whampoa Drive Singapore 327717
    Tel: 6256 1148
    Mdm Ho (Rita)

    What DK said above is correct, next to it a a very old roti shop…


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