NEVER be a nice guy!

My Stupid connection was down yesterday… due to some line prob, the service provider claims…

And you know what, when you call the hotline for assistance,

First, you will have to hold on to the phone waiting for some kind soul to answer your call ~~for at least 10mins…

Then after hearing your prob, they tell you they gonna get back to you asap ~~which they never did…

You tried calling them again (holding on to the phone for another 10 over mins listening to those dumb musics), and finally when you reach them, they will send their deepest apology saying that they are experiencing high volume of calls ~~so, they pick up the call, say they will get back, hang up, FORGET about it, pick up another one and say the same thing…

You got no choice but start making some noise. And yes! They finally gave you an appointment, which is like 3 days later! ~~ hey! I pay my subscription fee, 3 days down… it’s not reasonable…

Lastly, KiCk Up a BiG FuSs! ~~guess what, they tell you there’s a last min cancellation of appointment, their technician can come over in 3HRS time!

So after fighting fire for half a day, killed some of my brain cells…
My connection is back!

Moral of the story…

angry face

12 thoughts on “NEVER be a nice guy!”

  1. haha…thats so true lah…never be nice in such instances cos u’ll never get things done.

    and everytime i hear my dad yelling at the top of his voice on the phone — i know, its gotta be the internet connection vs the person at the other end of the line.

  2. lately mine is not really stable too but still can use lah.
    wonder why everyone’s internet connection is experiencing problem..
    yours is the ang sek one or the one in the sky?

  3. Cool down dear… i feel ur anger, seriously… 🙂

    Sayang sayang…

    Well, i think such things ALWAYS happen la… Dun let it kill more of ur brain cells. They can be used for better things in life… *smile*

  4. I used to have this monthly sub for internet at home. But I seldom use it, sometimes not even once a month, therefore, I decided to swap to the “pay as you use type”.

    I went to P.S. to change the package of my internet, signed a new line for my mobile and added new channels for my SCV. Yet, they made mistakes in every of the services I mentioned above. I was really mad, made a complain via one email, and they replied with 3.

    Well, People said: “Cheap things are never good, and good things are never cheap”.

  5. ya,it’s a bother calling them.wonder y they ever have a hotline in the first place if we can never find anyone one the other side!i still haven’t get thru the call operator yet:(

  6. hey. the responses for the previous post seems good. so how is it progressing now?? hmm.. when is it sending out the books huhh!!!! ahahhas cant wait. =p


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