Yes… Kym and I sang that day :p

Attention: Tickets all gone. 1st come 1st serve, those with address and name attached. Thx…

In case you are wondering what some of them are talking about regarding Kym and I singing…

our guest artistes for 2nd Feb Sheng Siong show, 5566, got a flight delay. End up it was Kym and I who took over the singing part… hahaha… yeap… you didn’t read wrongly @@

See it for yourself and laugh as much you want ( it’s new year so it’s ok… ha! )

[youtube rE6Ept-GnVo&rel=1]
Thanks for the link ly… really prompt and nice editing…

Watch out.
We’ll be back.
We’ll do it again soon.


71 thoughts on “Yes… Kym and I sang that day :p”

  1. HAHAHA so funny when u keep teasing Kym…
    u two sang well.. haha hope there’ll be more such chances to see both of you perform again =x

  2. Hallo.

    Argh, I missed today’s Sheng Siong Show lucky got the Youtube clip.
    U and Kym did a great job, not bad wor!
    Like very rarely would hear you sing leh.
    Hope to hear U sing MORE on TV! 🙂


  3. Dasmond u are funny loh. haha. Anyway u and kym the voice very nice. U got msn? Can u give me ur msn add? Jia you in 2008, rest more and take care. HUAT AH!

  4. wahahas u and kym’s singing at the live show was brilliant! good job and dun sae that ur singing is not good u must give urself xin xing or wadeva lurhx dunnoe how to sae! WELL DONE AND TAKE CARE! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  5. Hahaha. You two sang quite well. Not bad already, not professional singers. The part where Kym suddenly went “BAHH!” is damn hilarious. Haha. I think she really very high. Haha.

  6. it was indeed a special performance!
    you sang well 😀
    see you on cny eve! 😀

    ( too bad 5566 didn’t appear live for ya yest… thanks for popping by though 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. Hey dasmond!

    Watched the Sheng Siong show yesterday. You and Kym sang really well, it was really entertaining though 5566 was not able to perform! Great Job! Hehe… looking forward to hear you sing more on TV! =)

  8. Halo. ii’m interested in the shengsiong show. hope to get it for my whole family. 4 tickets? Anyway, uii 2 lighten up the show ytd! Haa. 🙂

    ( no address no count… haha.. quick! )

  9. Great performance! Keep it up! Jiayou! 😉 Anyway, if u celebrating ur bday for the whole mth which some pple do, enjoy! Juz a little ‘qiao’ is that I’m in the same mth as u but din really celebrate. 😉

  10. hi dasmond i love the sheng siong show can i have 3 tickets for the 9th feb show? thanks alot.

    ( you never include address… – from 22 )

  11. Hii!! I would like to have 2 tix to sheng siong show..Btwn,who are artistic there other den 5566?

    ( pai seh all issued… what 5566? – from 22 )

  12. hello dasmond,

    Can i have 5 sheng siong tix for my family and i wish to go. 🙂 u have enough ticket to spare?

    ( all taken up le… 🙁 – from 22 )

  13. erm dasmond. how do we noe hu are the ones you selected to get the tickets?

    ( my dear script writer Jean had already posted it out today, so whoever got it should be receiving it these 2 days.. 😉 – from 22 )

  14. Wow! Considering the fact that you did not get a chance to rehearse, you both put up a great item! You were enjoying yourselves, weren’t you? Was there 大字报 to help you both with the lyrics? 😉

    Can you & Kym sing us another song for the 9th Feb epi for the Lunar New Year?

  15. That is a twist seeing you seeing instead of 5566. Yes, we all feel that you should be singing instead. You have made our day with your singing.

    Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 is just round the corner, we like to wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year 2008! May all your dreams come true!

  16. Dasmond, I watched the show that nite, really surprised to see you and kim sing. Not bad wor.. =) Happy lunar new year and enjoy the festive holiday..

  17. OH MY GOD. dasmond! i didnt know u could sing so well! kind of shocked. haha. anyway, i missed out this episode too. i was outside shopping. thanks to the person who posted up on youtube. :).

    CNY is coming. so here to wish u 新年快樂。。 鼠年行大運!

  18. While I must applaud both Kym’s and your effort, I am shocked that MediaCorp has no contingency plan. I’m sure any of the past Superstar finalists would gladly fit the bill.

  19. Hey Das,U Sing damn Steady Bom PEE PEE leh!!!but a little WANG CI….hahaha
    Well,see U the next 2 days…hahaha and also do let me know when u need me to your stuff…hahhaa

  20. hi. erm i think u sang really well. if i didn’t know any better, i might just think u’r actually a singer by profession. 🙂 happy cny!

  21. ok thanks dasmond. it is ok. haha. anyway i got the 2 ticket to sheng siong show. hope to see u on 9th with kym and Sam.

    I am here to wish u happy chinese new year to u. Enjoy!


    Take care and jia you! 🙂

  22. Hi Das,
    I’ve got the tickets,thanx!
    Got it for my Mom,and she’s very happy and excited,she wants me to thanx u lotsa!!
    Btw,Can I check with you,are there any special guests for the show that day?
    There’s no Seating no. on the tickets,so is free seating(1st Come 1st serve)?
    Thanx Again,Take care and Have a Happy chinese New year To u and ur Family & Friends.


  23. Hi hi dasmond, thank you so much! received the tickets already. My family members are so excited abt going for the 9th feb show. Hope on that day, the guest would not appear and you would be able to sing to us live. Hehe.. 😛

  24. Hi Dasmond,
    just dropping by to say that i had recieves the tickets!! thank you so much!!!
    I have been reading ur blog after i found out that you are an environmental friendly guy
    and that i have been followin you not to use straws but of cos i cant compare with you since i erm…erm..still loves and enjoy eating shark fins…opps :fear:
    So yeah, thanks fer the tickets and happy lunar new year!! 🙂

    PS:any idea who is the special guest fer this coming sat?

  25. ha.. looks like you and kym enjoyed it. wasnt there to shout jiayou for ya guys cuz we were at another event. ohh well. ehh maybe you all sing for the last episode also lah? make it a special ending. haha.

    happy cny! 🙂

  26. Nice perform by you and Kim! You two really sing very well! (:
    When I watch this video clip and I feel that you and Kim mo qi shi zu…
    Happy New Year to you and may 2008 will be a great year for you!!!

  27. i today den opened my letter box~!~! luckily~!~! if not i think i will miss the show tml!~!~!
    cant believe it that i got the tickets lor~~!~! hahaha i’m really excited 😀
    thankew so much dasmond~!~!
    looking forward to see u actually HAHAHA =X

  28. hey dasmond dis is js a coment yea
    nice voice ^^ haha
    both u n kym can sing well
    btw may i ask u a question???
    did u practice singing b4 u even went 4 de show????
    js bein curios like de cat!!!
    xcept i dun lyk cat
    haha allergy

  29. im malaysian …fresh in singapore ~can anybody tell me how to get the ticket of The Sheng Siong Show II ??if u know the answer pls reply me to my email.thank you!!!!

  30. haha..but quite good wat =)
    poor fans of 5566 who went and didnt get to see them..
    damn i miss watching this show..since now i’m studying in Aus cant get 2 watch..haizz
    i miss channel 8 shows =(

  31. Hi Desmond ,

    Kindly inform me where can i get the Variety Show entry ticket ? cause i want to take my family members to watch show.TQ

  32. Hi Desmond , can kindly advise me where i can get the tickets for live sheng siong show ? Hoping to bring my mum there , since she is so interested in the show , together with my 2 kids & my brother ( driver) . If possible kindly email me ?

    ( let me check out the add to ask for tickets – from 22 )

  33. Hi dasmond, i was wondering how can i get tickets for sheng siong show that will be broadcasted on the 20th june?

    ( ( the address to write in with a returned envelope is
    Address: Sheng Siong Supermarket 3000 Marsling Road Singapore 739108 🙂 – from 22 )

  34. If possible i would like 4 tickets for that show. Hope i can get it! never been for it before 🙂

    ( the address to write in with a returned envelope is
    Address: Sheng Siong Supermarket 3000 Marsling Road Singapore 739108 🙂 – from 22 )

  35. Sorry im don’t really do mailings, but what do we have to include in the mail? like the return envelope, put the stamp(normal local stamp will do?) and address and thats it?

  36. Sorry once more, how do we request for it? Like in the letter, state the request, like i would like to attend the show on 20th, and would like 4 tickets. Like that?

    ( if not wrong, send them a return envelope with your address and state which date you would like… think so… – from 22 )

  37. is it true that the 20th one is all gone? cause i sent it last wed when i asked you:((( and can i ask the 2am one is which date?


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