Happy "Rat" year!!!

I know recently the whole town is busy with the pictures, story and development of the ‘abalone and lapcheong’ story… Umm… take a break, and give them a break ba…. 🙂

Join us in the following show on new year’s eve!





Will post pictures when I’m back!

Happy New Year and see you guys in the year of rat!!!

15 thoughts on “Happy "Rat" year!!!”

  1. Yest night around 12, i was at chinatown, i saw u guys hosting the New Year show, guess u all were Chai Pai -Ing if i am not wrong.hahaha.

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year !!!!!

  2. Hey DAS…Great show tonite!!!hahaha…u think i am 无聊…YES i am lor…well, have a great year ahead and a wonderful long weekend…!

    ( Happy New Year 🙂 – from 22 )


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