Tower Stacko vs Angry Birds


After performing so well in ( Trail version all 3 stars! Paid version 1st part also 3 stars! Ahem… haha! ), I decided to take a break from it…

Currently, my new challenge…

Tower Stacko!


Bet you should have played a lot of different version, I’m currently trying to set my record in the BCA’s face book Tower Stacko…!
Okay, I admit I’ve got coordination problem… between aiming and dropping it… haha! But although the game is simple, it’s no as easy k! Dun believe you try it, then you’ll know… and you stand a chance to win an Apple iPad, regardless of how clumsy you stack them! Hahaha! Ends 26th Sept fyi…
( must click the info that pops out sometimes on the left bottom to gain more point… dun say I didn’t share the tips hor… : )

Speaking about games, there is this other cool green home builder game which you can find here!
green You can build a green house like in The Sims. I find it really useful as it shows you how to make your home greener and save money while playing something fun. 🙂

Picture 2

Need some cool information about green tips for your home and offices? Try by clicking the picture above. You can even find out where all the green buildings are in Singapore using their directory! Go check it out!

And if you’re kinda into green stuff, apart from joining the NEA facebook page that I recommended previously, you can also join BCA Facebook page and contribute ideas to the building of green homes!!/bcagreen?v=wall&ref=ts

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