I wanna win iPad! haha

Mum was like asking how come the weather was like so unpredictable and bad recently, floods etc… and I took awhile to explain to her regarding global warming….

She appears to be like… catch a bit of ball… but don’t understand it totally…

So now you see, they dunno, they cant do much… but if you are more educated than her… you should be aware of global warming’s impact . And do a bit more… it can be simple and easy moves… which will help to save the environment…

Taking about that, after I’ve been following quite a bit of BCA movements (since a few month ago), I started to think building Green home is like quite challenging huh? I’ve got no talent in it lah… but I like admiring nice and unique ideas…… Apart from the funny jokes and lame post I surf in the net, I started to search a lot on Green Building nowadays too… *upgrade myself yah… ;p

[youtube qQevgnR3GhA]

Accumulating tips on building Green home… Who knows, one day…one fine day… I might be involve in building one… haha!
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce… 🙂

Talking about it, if you’ve missed the BCA Green Building Exhibition previous round being held in HDB Hub, coming up next is at Marina SQ Central Atrium, 9th to 12th Sept, 12 noon to 8pm. Go with your friends or family. You will be able to pick up some green tips and apply them at home to save $$…

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (3)

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (1)

I want the Eco Bag they’re giving out.. think my mum will love… to see my domestic helper carry it while they’re are out shopping for grocery … She will think it’s nice but too stylo and hip for her… so seeing it beside her is a joy.. haha!

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (2)

And you know what?…
I dunno when I’ll lay my hand on an iPad, but winning it from the BCA Tower Stacko game on their Facebook page… umm… idea sia~ Click on the pic above to go to the game! :p

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