8 thoughts on “For you…”

  1. Lucky she did! Else we will lose a great DJ who once always kept me company thru the nite ending with s Smurf lullaby at 2am, and now a host n soaring high in whatever he does. Happy Birthday Das!! =)

  2. hi rr, jus in time to wish u happy bday!i s ok, ι”™ζœ‰ι”™ζ‰Ύ,planned or nt planned,im sure u hv done ur mum proud.

    btw, hv u recalled who is your θ€ζœ‹ε‹οΌŸη₯δ½ εΏƒζƒ³δΊ‹β€˜εŸŽβ€™γ€‚ε“ˆε“ˆγ€‚


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