Superband 凤飞飞 刘文正 怀旧金曲1

Very interesting episode… I mean our dressing…

Pei Fen and me were made to wear these 80’s style of fashion clothing… try to dress as close to 凤飞飞 刘文正 as possible…

Superband 2

In order not to forget this ‘fashion statement’ night, we took pictures!

>Superband 2

And now, the group photo!

Superband 2

Superband 2

And as we hang around longer, it really pinch quite abit when we have to part with some of them…



15 thoughts on “Superband 凤飞飞 刘文正 怀旧金曲1”

  1. When I turn on TV to watch Channel U this Monday…I am shocked in ur hat and dressing..the hat seem too small on ur big head…
    You really not suitable to wear the hat like that..wear cap better bah…
    YOu got some wrinkles on ur face when u smile as I have notice it when u take pics with peifen…Got think of taking botox as you are celebrities cum host need to be in tv most of the times to face ur audiences loh…

    ( ha… Will take ur suggestion into consideration 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. when will the list be out? i mean the revival list… will all 10 bands eliminated have the chance to perform once again?

    I missed so many of them, ink, yixuanfeng, er zuo ju… many many…

    ( 3 weeks time? I think… – from 22 )

  3. When i turn on the tv i was shocked to see ur costume on monday. Haha. Will soul & milubing get to perform for us? Miss them. Jia you & rest well. 🙂

  4. Both of u look good! I find peifen getting more and more pretty. I missed her “简单就是美” though i thought her “bf” (Mark Zee)in the first series a little “mismatch”. Does peifen keeps a blog too? Is it ok if you could put the link to her blog.

  5. Hey Dasmond, can you believe Huang Biren has left MediaCorp due to contract issues?
    Is MediaCorp STUPID or what??!! I bet they are!! How would they let go of Biren just like that?!?!
    MediaCorp is just so SICK!!! Sickening sick!
    Biren is such an amazing actress!! This is MediaCorp’s HUGE loss!

  6. My ideal 4 finalist…

    异世界 ( my most luv one….:)
    森林帖 ( singer handsome leh…)
    肥皂 ( tat guitarist..always giving charming smile..eyes small small one:)
    伍个人 ( very very cute n talented esp the violin boy.. )
    …haha :}

  7. hi dasmond, are you a gay, cos some of your actions look gayish.. hehehhe
    no offence k

    ( ha… nope… but I’m fine if you choose not to believe… – from 22 )

  8. actually i tot Peifen and u dun really look comfortable in those oldies outfits, but what i can assure is peifen still looks good in that outfit. irony rite? ^^

    agree with Fong (from message 8), ya peifen is getting gorgeous probably one of the reason was “love” 吧!
    Once, saw Peifen and her real boyfriend (haha not the one in 简单就是美) before, they look really compatible, so that could be the reason why peifen gets prettier lol


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