6 thoughts on “NATAS Travel Fair”

  1. Woah… will the trip be like shown on tv as some travel prog? like 我的导游是明星?
    btw always wanted to know, the trip is provided free by the agency for u rite dasmond and u get paid by them rite, afterall the pple who join the tour come mainly becoz u r in the tour? :p just curious…

    ( It’s between company and the tour agency… – from 22 )

  2. Huh!! 3k arhh… 🙁
    Why u always host such chim chim places..
    Feel like going leh.. Spain is such a beautiful place..

    ( haha… – from 22 )

  3. Hi DK,

    I supposed dis is not part of the filming for “My Star Guide”, rite?

    (yeap, no filming… I only tag along and travel together 🙂 – from 22)

  4. OMGGGG! HAHAHA i regret not following my dad to the expo natas travel fair.
    He works there, aiyaaaa, if not i would have seen you if you were there,
    what are the odds? (:
    How’s things going for the css2 stars? Any updates?


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