Energy Saving

Starting tomorrow night, 830pm @ Channel 8

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The very important message behind this ‘save energy’ show, be environmental friendly. It might be a just a little effort, but it mean alot to the earth


Umm… I stopped taking shark’s fin since I started diving, quit eating stingray recently ( which I really love alot… 🙁 ), change to a CNG car ( despite there’s so much uncertainty from the government’s policy in regards to the regulation of CNG vehicles ), try not to use straws as much as possible… etc…

What I’ve done is nothing worth to shout about, as compared to alot of others… but I just hope we can all do that bit, for a better environment…


16 thoughts on “Energy Saving”

  1. haha, yuppyupp! will definately rem to catch the show tmr night 🙂 ha.
    too bad living well ended today.. i learnt alot frm all the episodes 🙂

    anyway, wow! you really love the earth alot! ha. okay, i am inspired & i’ll try to 环保 more 🙂
    haha! take care 😀

  2. Sad that living well ended already. Is a nice show loh. Hehe. Will remember to watch the show 2moro night. Yeah will try to 环保 more too. Haha… I am sure energy savers is a nice show too… Jia you. Take good care. 😀

  3. Hi, will definitely support ur new show. Btw, is it possible to provide all the recipes in “Living Well” huh? My Chinese is “有限公司”leh. Everytime tried to copy down ingredients, but b4 cud finish the flash is over. Really really like to try out the recipe, seems so easy to do. Please help, please……..please……… thanks a million.

    ( umm… I dunno where I can get the recipe… haha… 🙁 – from 22 )

  4. haha. U so bad. Disturb her. The dog look so big sia. Haha.. Saw u alot of times on tv. Drink more water.. please take good care & jia you woh. Haha..

  5. Lol Dasmond, Y not u be a vegetarian, and take public transport instead, in order to play an active role in saving our Mother Earth. Right now u are doing such GREEN tv programme, well, u will have to set the mark first, right? Come on, stride out dat first step, and everything will fall in place eventually, not to worry!

    ( haha… dun think I’ll go to that extreme… I’m just doing my part. But dun get me wrong, I’m not asking everyone to do that… We each have our way of life we have to carry on… Not to the point of trying to adapt a life style that totally jeopardize what we have to do… – from 22 ).

  6. Hi Desmond, like your show “living well”. Pls advise where can i buy the “Sakamoto Black Vinegar” . Tks and happy working !

  7. oh man .. u make mi dame guilty can ..
    shark’s fin & stingray .. both my fav lur ~ (but i dun eat them so often lur)
    & i actually use two straws to drink =X (ok .. i noe tt’s a bad habit)
    but at least i win 1 .. & tt is i take public transport .. heh heh =P

  8. Lol…Save the earth program arh??
    like some kind of 口号like that..haha..


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