9 thoughts on “Star Search 才华横溢出新秀 2010!”

  1. ooooohhh!
    no wonder i saw u in town today! from taka all the way to cathay at night. ah, must be tiring! hang in there alright! take care! =)

  2. hi dasmond,
    saw u in sheng siong today at mdc… wow…. next season coming soon… haha… u happy?? wonder who the host ??? dasmond and X, where X is a female… sure one.. sheng siong is nv complete with dasmond…

    the X can be anyone… yifong la, vivian , kym, felicia… hmm.. might be interesting if dasmond and felicia …. maybe can feedback to sheng siong side? haha..

    so means soon u will be busy with star search and next season of sheng siong??


    ( will be hosting with Kym starting 31/10 for next season Sheng Siong :). Yeap Star Search will start in August, so do look out!! – from 22 )

  3. oh.. means on 8th aug will have 5 contestants.. wow.. ok… nice… means out of the 8 contestants 2 will be in… till gd la… means to say the huang jia wei will in lor

    ( revival round will qualify 5, 3 will be out… final will be 8, with top 3 already in it.. – from 22 )

  4. can we make board for you for sheng siong last episode.. as in carry dasmond name??

    ( hahaha… you thought i contestant ah? hahaha …. ;p – from 22 )

  5. some of the taiwan contestants r very ordinary, there is one taiwan guy very charismatic , gloooking but too bad not interested, another one very tall & stylish at the boutique also not interested too bad. For the girls so far one big-eyed gorgeous girl and another like model very nice legs and looks with his boyfriend but turn down, real wasted. Pls choose someone who is really unique, charismatic and most impt, talented especially in acting.


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