Merry Christmas…

It’s a bit too early I know… haha!

But I’m already planning on it…

Yeap, somehow or rather, the plan that I said earlier on is taking shape, thanks to a lot of friends who had volunteered their time and effort helping out on it. The momentum of getting the book I wanna launch is going on pretty well…Hopefully it can be my Christmas present for 2010.

launching book 001

I started with radio in 1996, switched over to TV few years later. Over these years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of friends, people who have supported me in whatever I’m doing… I’m thankful for that.

Sometimes when I think back, the good old times do put a smile on me.
Drop me a note if you would, to share with me whatever that is in your mind now…

( I’ll update more info with regards to the book soon, if you are interested… btw, start saving up… lol )

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…”

  1. hw much will the book cost , when will it be published !!

    ( Hopefully it will be out early December… $22? haha… – from 22 )

  2. the publishing of your book reminds me of 2007 xmas when u gave out the books (you and mary? i think?) and sent to my switzerland address coz i was on exchange that time! nice memories 🙂 jiayou for your book and will support!

    with all the times we listened to 933 yrs and yrs ago.. and you always shouting out for your anglican juniors every time you do an event and see them in uniform 🙂 yours truly, is one of them too!

    ( haha, so you should be working hard in the 社会大学 now ;p – from 22 )

  3. Read the article, there’ll be nice pictures from Spain too right? I’m planning a long vacation for next year, Spain sounds like a good choice yah… Will definitely look forward to the launch of your book! Jia you!

  4. Congrats! We used to listen to your radio programme when we were in JC! The book is a great idea, so that we can be drawn closer to you again… Guess what, we still discuss about you whenever there’s gathering for our group (:

  5. You’ve walked with many of us, during our school days. Those were such fond memories… Will be waiting for it, it will be my christmas present for myself too… Thank you!

  6. Nice one! Its nt really too early since its already August! Is there a reason why u choose 22bucks? Ur fav no? Will definitely purchase it! Rmbr to update us on how to go abt purchasin it! =)

    ( haha… doing the sales on net to cut down ‘middleman’ cost… trying to lower it as much as possible.. $22 ummm… :p – from 22 )

  7. Can’t wait for the book to be out! I’m sure it’ll be a good read 🙂

    ( Thank you… how are you? been a while last seen you.. hope things are all well yah… – from 22 )

  8. All I want for Christmas is your book
    Looks like I don’t need to rack my brains for my Xmas wishlist this year
    look forward to the launch of your new book
    Jia you =]

    ( woo.. some gan dong to hear that… 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. Look forward to the release of your book. Let me know should you require any help 🙂

    btw able to change the font colour of your blog..? gray is very difficult to see on the iphone esp outdoor…its straining my eyes~ haha ;P

    ( yah… told them… hee… – from 22 )

  10. I’ve been listening to you on radio back then.. I miss the smurfs good nite song whenever u end ur session. Hahaha!

    ( i plan to include the song in the song in the book… haha – from 22 )

  11. Wow! It has been so many years since I last met you. Not sure if you still remember me! I’m 月凤! Keke. I still remember those days when you’re with 933, and i always attended those outdoors shows that you hosted! Oh man! That took place like 12+ years back. Time really flies ! Anyways, I still kept some of the old photos if you need! Haha!
    Anyways, glad to hear about the new book! 加油!

    ( Sky Wu’s supporter… haha – from 22 )

  12. i only get to know you in your last radio station prog.. but since it was a night time slot and during that time i was still young, where we need to sleep early, i only get to hear your voice for abt 5-15 mins every weekday night.
    hah, but i see that you’re doing very well in the tv industry, so thumbs up for you! =)
    hope the book can be done within your deadline! JIA YOU! =D

    ( Thanks… – from 22 )

  13. Looking forward to the launch of your book, supporting you back then, now and always! jia you! =)

    ( Hope all’s well for ya! 🙂 – from 22 )


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