Christmas Gathering!

Well.. finally, Christmas is over….

Had a little party at home, here are some pictures to share 🙂

My little prince and princess… ( my god son and daughter, adorable, aren’t they? )



The Campus Superstar kids!




My little bro JJ and Shawn! ( They gonna dance on my behalf and wish you guys a Merry Merry Christmas! Click on their picture :p )


Campus Superstar 2007

We’ll start counting down to 2008, starting from tomorrow ya!

21 thoughts on “Christmas Gathering!”

  1. your god son and daughter indeed very adorable
    i wonder who kids are they????

    honestly, i dun know you had a little brother
    i thought you had a elder sister or younger sister, somethin like that
    but anyway, i am glad to know you had little brother
    plus, your little bro indeed like you also handsome boy

    dasmond, i know where you stay
    because I-weekly did ever went to your place before and also at your place took picture of you too
    plus, they took one or two shots of photos just outside your house
    all these I had seen it before in the magazine
    frankly tell you, when I bought the magazine and saw the location, i was truly quite surprised lol
    it is because my cousin and her family also staying there too
    also like you dun have to see who is your neighbour, can straight away drove the car down to the basement and get into the house from basement lol
    that kinda of house, i always wanted
    but too bad! i had to wait very long than can buy that kinda of house

    ( one day you’ll sure make it 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Hey Das,
    Is ur house located at somewhere near Tanah Merah MRT???cos according to the previous comment the only terrace house being described that way is at Tanah Merah MRT nearby…cos I went there b4…cos the carpark is at basement…that’s wad I know…the name is Sunny something one…

  3. hey Dasmond!! is me… sharon CHAN… wahaha.. did you receive my christmas card? heex.. hope it got dere on time.. =) saw the video of JJ and Shawn… reali cute!~ gosh.. was laughing away when i see it.. lolx… brighten my morning! =D anyway, hope you enjoyed ur christmas!! New year coming le… planning anything special?? wahaha… =D

  4. “While everybody is busy shopping, buying presents n gifts, do not lose Jesus amongst those wrappings n trims… Remember that Christmas is the birth of Jesus who died for our sins… How would anyone not be touched by our Saviour’s actions of love to us?

    It hurts when i see ‘Xmas’ coz people even X away the ‘Christ’ in Christmas! How can! If there’s no birth of Christ, then there would b no Christmas. So y the Xmas? I used to think it was a short form for the long word. But now that i noe, its saddening how the world shuts off Jesus…”

    This came from a fren’s blog and I thought it was rather meaningful… Just to share with other readers…

  5. wah!
    ur house seems big.. can squeeze so many pple.. lols
    yaya, i saw a glimpse of ur house on mag too. muahahs. you qian ren.. hehe.
    yeah! countdown le! hahahahhah. but would mean older. =(

  6. Countdown @ Boon Lay 2008
    Featuring Felicia Chin , Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh & Aliff Aziz!

    31 Dec 2007
    Boon Lay Place (Area next to Blk 215)

    How to get there
    Nearest Mrt: Lakeside
    Bus: 240,246,99

    issit true tt u are going for the countdown???

  7. Hi Dasmond,

    Your daughter is cute! Well, I see that you and your family are enjoying Christmas. That is nice! It is a gathering where we can be together and have a nice meal. Sometimes we are so busy with work and hardly spend time together with our family members.

    Like to wish you and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2008.

  8. reply to darren:

    yes, i did describe how dasmond house look like after reading the magazine
    but you had guess wrongly
    he is not staying near Tanah Merah area
    so i think you had to guess again

  9. dasmond,
    thank you for taking the time off to reply!
    although i do not know what time u reply but i am truly happy to see your reply message
    yeah! i do hope like wad you say, one day i’ll sure buy the same house as you for my family to stay
    but the only question is to ask myself and Lord Jesus Christ was when?
    when am I able to buy the big house?

  10. hahaha wahhh i saw the pics and i was like, WHOA! your house is definately B-I-G.
    haha comfortable life uh you 😀
    all the efforts paid off well and your tissue box, Shawn took a pic of it.
    HILARIOUS LAAAA! haha got other designs not? haha
    hmm and yeahh do update up if you’re hosting anywhere for countdown ya?
    hehe well, oh ya! that guy beside shawn, jj[junjie], is he your real blood brother ?you guys got almost same features 🙂
    well, takecare and remember to update more often whenever you can

    ( 🙂 Will be at Boon Lay from 11pm to 12mn with Kym Ng, Felicia Chin and Aliff Aziz – from 22 )

  11. HAHA. HELLO Dasmond. I know you enjoyed yr christmas man. haha. Love playing ” zuo qiu” isit? LOL.
    I see you everyday la. (Don’t worry, not a stalker). I live uh… behind you. so yea. Hope to see you FACE 2 FACE. But you drive so no hope. haha. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! WO YONG YUAN ZHI CHI NI!

    ( ha… small world – from 22 )

  12. yea i saw the tissue box too .
    the pic of Joanna with the tissue box .
    she seems disgusted
    thats the only place for countdown ?

    ( There’s a couple of countdown shows all over… like vivo etc – from 22 )

  13. mmm, juz wondering if the mummy of ur god son n daughter is m*i s*e? if so, she’s my boss at work… =x

    ( ha, small world… my god son’s mum… – from 22 )


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