Smurf Lullaby


?????????feeling~ ??,???????…umm…



?????,??????????? ; )



??? ??????
??? ??????

??…SwEEt DreAmzz…Bye Bye…


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  1. omg..the smurf song brought back so many memories…the endless nights..staying awake till 2am to listen to ur prog..and having sch the next day…lol those were the nights….haha and i guess i still have this alien thing call cassette…with recordings of ur radio antiques now i guess~

  2. Hi dasmond,

    Yah. you are right, i rem tat time i was studying and listening to your programmes at night.
    While you chi chat with the listeners on air, but my luck wasn’t good then din manage to get through the line and talk to you. But i enjoyed your unique laughther and the interesting conversation with them. Still miss you on the radio although you have left for quite some time already. So far, in my POV you are still the best DJ to date. Just saw you yesterday on tv, the programme you host with Jamie, dun bully her okie!! haa… joking lah…you 2 are a great hosting pair!

    Nevertheless, i still prefer you on radio. The DJ who have accompany thru my teenage yrs!!

    Blog More!!!

  3. omg omg! dasmond you really made me misses the old days.. ?? sweet dreams.. bye bye is what i need to hear before i sleep.. i still remember your favourites, ??? that you played countless times.. and the last song you played on your last night.. it all seemed so yesterday… 🙁 i miss you das, i miss hearing you..

  4. hi…. its has been a long long time since i heard tt song.. like the others this song has brought me many memories… the endless nites tt i study till 1.50am, pack sch bag and 2am lying on my comfy bed and listen to the lulaby. i miss tt.. after u left the radio station i neva heard the song anymore..
    how i wish i m able to hear it on air at 2am again every nite…. hee

  5. uncle…. thanx for the clip….
    how r u these days? times really flies… Seems like yesterday when this song was played.
    Everything you wish for is on track?
    This song suddenly reminded me on the meal that i owe you 9 yrs ago (oh no… tat’s long!! and feel so old hahahah 😛 )

  6. I remb tt song Das!!! That is a MUST before I got to bed after hearing ur ??…. It feels so yesterday upon heaing this song again… =)

  7. haha… those were the days… i use to listen to 933 on my bed trying to sleep… i was in primary school then… now… i am JC2… whoa!! time realy flies…

  8. I have listen to your programme too! Hehe er jia lat agreed that my age is also almost there? No no haha but that song is really something that remind me of those days we got to drive night cars and listen to your programme at the same time…how I wish I can go back to those days…heez I have another version that is different from yours hmmm but both are so nice =) Nice memorise

  9. oh man…d/rong shao tis is so d song of tt time man! loved ur time slot(s) anytime during ur stint wif 933 =) take care of urself yeah….hope to c u ard!

  10. DK…yes, it’s been a long long time since i heard that song.. really miss those days..?
    it brought back alot of memories…staying awake to listen to your prog.. trying to call in to chat with you but the line was just too hot! But, still manage to chat with u in IRC…haha. that was such a long time man…only after heard you said ??..Sweet Dreams.. Bye Bye… then i can bear to turn off the radio and sleep!
    Like the way you are hosting and interact with listeners.. it really brings in the close relationship between you and us…you are still my best and fav DJ as ever!
    Of course we are happy that you are doing well in the tv industry..

  11. Ah!! Err… i’m not even in my 20s yet but i used to listen to you play that at 2am too!! Really miss ur voice on air.. :))

  12. =) really reminds me that i’m getting older and older. I really really like ur night programme and lullaby towards the end. Sometimes my sis and i will imitate the song too! Nowadays de 933… i juz dun feel like tuning in anymore. Haz..

    Memories.. memories and more memories. At least, u got through 1 phrase in ur life that u r satisfied with. So carry on, creating more memories so that when u looked back, u can confidently tell others, all these while, u are living. hAHAZ.. am i exaggerating?

    I juz feel that some people are juz lucky and fortunate enough to do what they like and live the life they wanna be.

    I guess, the bottomline is ‘kai xin jiu hao’, right? Thats my driving force!

    *Cheerz, Rong Shao!*

  13. “?????????feeling~ ??,???????…umm…”
    Hurtful leh, say until like that… Haha..

    Ya la ya la, i’m one of those “old” one la! I always called in ur prog de lo… LOL. I still have our conversation kept in a cassette. Hahaa… And on the last nite i recorded this lullaby too, together with your every-night-must-say-de ”??…SwEEt DreAmzz…Bye Bye”
    Haha… Really love ur prog. Those days were so memorable.

  14. a nice song. Indeed it bring back the memories of me when i started listening to 933..The 1st program that i hear is your “jiang wen 180” (am i right??) that was the time that i will up late esp on friday night just to listen to your program. Love that song alot. :p

  15. A.. I almost forgotten about this lovely song until I heard it again just now…
    Yes.. it brings me back many memories when I was still schooling..
    and listening to my old (now antique) walkman (I don’t have a hifi then)..
    kept on pressing the redial button trying to call through the hotline.. but can’t get through at all… >.

  16. OMG, I miss you in 933 !! and this is your trademark lullaby. and now my sis wants me to find this song for her ??.. =D

  17. oh my gosh!~ last time if i stil abt 1 hour from u off work i will try hard not to slp juz to get to listen to this song… so nice!~ can i have it too??? so many memories.. wah.. when u were still at 933 i was so much younger!!

  18. ??????????smurf lullaby??

    Alot memories came back to my mind…



    ???933???????????????????????????????????????????933????????The Night Is Still Young?????????

    ???????N?? “O”Levels ?????????????????2??



    ??????????????…Sweet dreams..bye bye!” ????Smurf Lullaby? ?????????

    ???????????Smurf lullaby???????????????????????

    Thank you so much!~


  19. yeah=) was juz listening to 933 and heard ur voice again, really miss u and the lullaby… hehe was still still in secondary school back then and it juz feel so comforting to know that there is at least one person out there (and datz u) who will accompany me to study till late at night… really miss u and ur voice on air!!! please do come back to 933 often ya?

  20. Wow! I finally got down all the lyrics of this song which me and my roommate loved so much last time! This song accompanied us during our exams period! We tried to recall it some yrs back but couldn’t be sure of it! Thanks yah! Didn’t even know its call the smurf song *ashamed* Now I can sing it to my 3yo gal! Hahaha! So nice! 🙂 Btw, hope that there will be a day you’ll be back on 933!

  21. Was supposed to start studying at 11 just now but was shocked to hear you on air.. in the end you and mary kept me laughing and I couldn’t study. haha.. it’s been a long time since I heard you on air. and this smurf song is the only lullaby I can rem at the top of my head. This version sounds different from what you played last time though. Come back to 933 often! Ask Mary to announce in advance though so that your old fans won’t miss the show. Take care!

  22. hey dasmond, it was great hearing you ON AIR last night, it was so entertaining. i couldnt concentrate on my mugging haha. i also listened to your program since sec sch. remb the strawberry shortcake game? something like we had to guess how much does 2 bowls of beef noodles and strawberry shortcake cost! really miss those days. cos those are e good old days. my fav period of my studying life! i remb i tried damn hard to keep awake on the last night you hosted but i still fell asleep! damn! i was pretty angry with myself after that! nevertheless, it was really great hearing you on 933 yesterday. yup, do come often to 933 cos ur OLD fans misses your hosting! all e best to whatever u are doing now! and i like the smurf song too!

  23. ??~
    ????????933??????~ ?????????…T_T

    ?x1000000000..??????The Night Is Too Young??..
    ?x1000000000..????????????“??…Sweet dreams..bye bye?”?Smurf Lullaby..


  24. ohmygod!!! i tot i’d never listen to this song again….
    miss it so much….
    i was studying, n when this song was played, i’d know its mid nite oredi….. 😉

  25. its been such a long time. a good 10 years.

    yes i do remember this lullaby. special cos i used to have someone sing tat to me.

    its reminiscent of how it used to be. or how it could have turned out to be so much happier.

    missed this song, even more the person i guess. as time passes, we have to let things be……

  26. it been such a long time…
    n i rem e lullaby… been tryin 2 look 4 it… tks so much…
    it really bring back memories… i was in pri sch then (poly yr 2, 18 nw)… n every night will listen 2 ur programme b4 going 2 bed… n tis e song i’ll hav 2 hear it b4 going 2 bed…
    really misses u on e air… thou u left long ago… but u’re still e best n my fav DJ… u’re doing well as a host nw too… will always watch e programme tat u host…
    ??! good luck in all u do…

  27. oh~ i really miss this lullaby esp the last part ??…SwEEt DreAmzz…Bye Bye…
    anywhere i can get it … or at least hear it again??

  28. Heyz das~

    i miss this song, and ur voice on 933.
    those were the days where i would tuned to 933 faithfully, listening to u chatting those listeners, wishing us gd luck for exam etc and of coz the smurf song.

    i miss the smurf song real lot. can i have the song=S

  29. May i ask where to find the lyrics? And whats the title of the song? Many thks!! 🙂

    ( Smurf Lullaby lo… try search the internet… – from 22 )

  30. I have this song’s mp3..
    i rmb i downloaded it years ago, from mIRC.. it was named “Smurf – Goodnight Song” then.. lolx.. should be year 2000..
    used to listen to it almost every night when this top DJ finished DJ-ing.. (=

  31. Hi Des,
    do you know where to download the goodnight song. i been looking for it for very long .or you can send me the song, tks because my baby like the songs .

    ( wow… have to hunt for it. maybe you can try google for it… 🙂 – from 22 )

  32. Hi, I was wondering whether you could email me the sound clip of Smurfs Goodnight Song please? I’m trying to teach my 22 months old son to sing this song. I hope you’d still be able to read this message when this post was dated in 2007. Thank you!!!

    ( haha! I dunno if I’ve still got the song with me… have to check it out… 🙂 – from 22 )


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