6 Thousand Dollars???



????????: ‘???!?????6??!’

???????????????: ‘??????????! 6?????????

???????????: ‘ Can I ask you something which my sis /bro /bf /gf /auntie /parent been bugging me. Did they really pay you the 6k you won on the game show???’

????????6?????????… ????lo!


6 thoughts on “6 Thousand Dollars???”

  1. DASMOND!Wah!I am also bewilder about this game leh!Lucky u did mention about it in your blog or else i was like huh? where got such things one? Where got play one game got so much $$ like bryan wong who ”won” more than 10k.If got such things ah no need work anymore liao lo get the money and ”pai pai pi gu zhou ren” hahas!!!But then what is shown in the tv was like so realistic la,all the contestants was acting so real hahas!This shows that u guys knows how to act well! =) What a long ”Essay”! Xp


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