Right and Left

‘y’ left a comment in my previous post Past and Future. After reading it, this phrase which I came across awhile ago suddenly popped up in my mind…

In a relationship, it doesn’t matter who’s Right, but who’s Left


18 thoughts on “Right and Left”

  1. i feel tt in a relationship, it doesnt really matter who’s right and who left.. i feel wad matters is the memory tt we shared before.. the happy moments and of cux the sad moments tt we went through.. (= *just sharing though*

  2. thanks for sharing this quote! i will always remember this quote whenever i quarrel with my bf in the future. sometimes i just insist that im right and jeopardize the relationship and risk losing a good man like him.. thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Hmm… interesting topic. Well, for us, there is no right or left instead just one. Both hearts combined as one only. That way, both will be happy and last forever! Mine already lasted for 27 years.

  4. hello (: got really bored while mugging..so decided to read some blogs πŸ™‚ i think i posted a couple of times here b4. nothing much, just read this and i want to say that i feel u’r one of the few artistes who are not swayed by fame. yeah so its a gd thing. haha. yup, so all the best in everything and hope you’ll find the one who’ll never leave!you sound like a real sentimental guy with that post. hehe. take care.

  5. Hi Zhenrong

    bt as a by-stander, no matter how gd/valid r e reasons given by 1 party, i think we shld gv e other party e Benefit of Doubt coz u nvr knw e “whole truth”…

    there’s no TOTAL rite or wrong in a relationship, it realli tks 2 hands to clap..ya!?
    even though e pax who left.. “gave up” ..bt could be for some gd reasons ba?!?

    btw recent posts of Past&Future and Right&Left are great :] bt a little saddenin thou…

    warmest rgds

  6. hey nice blog u haf here (:
    i do think u’re an awesome media personality. love ur entries! (:
    and in a r/s; i feel the memories n ideologies shared matters. what’s left is all these, im sure.

  7. Have been reading your blog. but first time commenting. haha. A very nice quote indeed. Just gonna treasure what we have in front of us. Jia you. =)

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