Give a Hand 2008


Three days of interactive and vibrant roadshows will be held at Causeway Point on 21 – 23 March 2008. The highlights include celebrity appearances (such as MediaCorp Artiste Kym Ng, Bryan Wong, Dasmond Koh, Michelle Chong, Belinda Lee and Pornsak), radio vanshows, innovative games and entertaining performances by special talents. All are invited to be part of this dynamic sharing experience.
There will be performances by VWOs, stage games and also the appearance of Sharity Elephant! Do come down to the roadshow to find out more about Give A Hand! and Community Chest.

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10 thoughts on “Give a Hand 2008”

  1. Thanks for letting us know it. I will be at there this 3 day. Hope 2 see u soon.

    Jia you! Haha. So long never see u, since mdc sheng siong show. Take care. (:


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